My Thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Murder

I don’t watch much TV or news but I have heard Trayvon Martin’s story loud and clear. The outrage and support is wide spread. But let me ask you this, where is the outcry of support and action for the black men that are gunned down and killed by other black men? This young man has a powerful spirit, I am not looking at the death of a defenseless young man, I am looking at the death of a God. He wants his voice to be heard…stop the senseless murder of our black men…period.

My spirit gets so tired of us crying and begging for change we need to take action, what that is I don’t know, perhaps the men know what needs to be done, but I know we have been crying and pleading for a long time…when will we get up off our knees and realize our Divinity?

This could of been any of our men…any of them. We are no victims. Stop making the shooter out to be some huge terror that this God was defenseless too. We are powerful damn it! We are more powerful than any of us could ever imagine! And for the christians, didn’t your bible say “If you have at least the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains.”. Do you think that is a lie?


Is there any wonder why the black man fills the prison cells, the morgues, etc? Its because we have given our power away as a people if we want change it begins with us. Stop looking outside…

Its sad because the only time I hear about the murder of a black male is at the hand of someone that is white or of another race…as if the deaths of the others were justified or more acceptable because it was black on black. We really need to wake up and God I hope this young God is the one who actually shakes us to our senses. We need to bring this home.

I feel your spirit Trayvon. I hear you.

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