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My husband

I remember this dream :-)

I had to write this dream down. OK it starts off like it is now. I get off this plane with this guy that’s suppose to be my husband. We walk through the corridor and I see momma and grandma in the lobby. I had on this exact dress. I had on the shoes that were the kind you lace up.

Now this guy …hold up…I see momma and g. momma and they hug me and momma say she proud of me. My so-called husband walked pass them because he had never seen them before. When he comes over (I called him) he hugs momma and is scared to hug her or doesn’t know what a hug is and I show him and I get a good look at his face. Its real clear in my mind. He’s tall, handsome, dk brown skin, nice smile, bald head, mustache and has on a cream sweater (see above). I’ve never seen him before.

Now he goes on to tell momma nem about Africa. Dang I can’t remember the name…but I don’t remember any of this I only remember…and this is when everything hits me like a Mack truck…I’m like where’s Moor. I was like I haven’t called him since this so called trip. Then I started thinking I was drugged during this whole trip then I think about Moor and my marrying someone else and I faint. I think I may have fainted in my sleep too cuz I just blanked out…when I wake up. I’m alone and I start to think about Moor and I’m like I got to get him so I start to run. I’m crying and its the worst feeling but then I stop cuz…no…I’m bout to get in a car but I stop!! I stop cuz I see some dayum AKAs next thing I know I’m sitting down on a curb. And I’m talking to them and I tell them I’m a senior and all this other stuff…I see Quitta come out and I want to tell her about my losing Moor but I get distracted again by this basketball, pom-pom and band squads. I think about Moor. I start to cry again. Something says to me maybe its a dream…I wake up eyes kind of teary and I realize it was a dream…I keep saying this all through the house “It was a dream” I keep saying it over and over

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