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My Conversation with an Angel: Part 1 – At Sea


The Sea

  • o Before man, there is Love. It is devoid of shape or form but perfect in its existence. It is nothing, and everything. It is omnipresent and omnipotent. Over the centuries, people have felt compelled to acquire a better understanding of this Force. So, names were given in an effort to make the Force or Energy more relatable. People have called this Force, God, Buddha, Allah, etc. Regardless of the name given, it is all one in the same. Love is the guiding force of existence; Love is everything that we are.
  • o Man has lost the true meaning of Love. Now people of the world today think of Love and they think of a feeling. They may ask themselves questions like, “How do I know he/she loves me?”, “What does love feel like?” Some might even say that they have never been in love. I tell you now that love is not a feeling, it’s not something that you catch and it’s not something that you fall into. Love is what you are. Everything is built of Love. To have a “love” of one thing or person and not another is an illusion. In turn, your definition of “love” is an illusion.
  • o To get a better understanding of what Love is, let’s look at some of the questions many of you may have, “What does love feel like?” I answer you and say “Its not a feeling, its what you are. Love is the very fabric of your existence. If you can not feel it, then you have chosen not to.” We are Love. So one may then ask, “If it’s not a feeling, then what am I experiencing?” The answer, “You are experiencing your response to Love. One will either submit to, fight or hoard Love. ” That being said, some of you may then ask, “How can I submit to, fight or hoard Love if I am Love?” Mmmmmm, excellent question, but please read on.
  • o Let’s compare Love to the sea and let say you are floating in this sea. You have the answers already; it’s the questions that we must now formulate. How did I get in this sea? Why am I in this sea? To answer the first question, you are in the sea because you are the sea. The answer to the second question must be in relation to the answer to the first question and the answer is Purpose.
  • o Now, if any of you know how to swim you already know it can be a very daunting task. And if you have ever swam in an ocean you realize that you are at the mercy of every wave that comes along. The waves can make swimming easier, throw you off course or even drown you. Love realizes that it has a Purpose in itself and the best way to serve its purpose is through manifestation and that’s where existence comes in.

downloadThe Man

  • o From Love came existence and in existence there is Man. Man is created in an image best suited for its Purpose and so has EVERY being that has ever manifested or lives. Life is Love. There is no separation. All things are created in Love. All things are created in Loves image.
  • o In the beginning, Man was one with Love. He realized that it was Love that guided his actions and that all things that appeared external to him where Love and in turn, one with him. But times have changed. Now Man sees everything with his eyes. Anything that is external to him or not connected by blood is of no consequence to him. Man seeks to acquire, to posses the things that are external to him. Man is then in turn seeking to acquire and possess that which he is. The state of the world as we know it is strictly related to our emotional attachments to things that appear external to us. We are happy when we possess all that we feel we need in order to be complete. We are sad when we are unable to attain the things and even people we need in order to be complete.
  • o Man no longer enjoys the smell of the flowers; he wants to possess the flower. Man no longer enjoys the song of the bird; he wants to posses the bird. This attempt to hoard Love is but one of the reasons why Love is not at peace. Mans emotional attachment or his response to Love is why we are at war with ourselves and at war with Love. Man no longer sees everything as Love; he sees everything in extremes; that which he posses and that which he does not yet possess. Man no longer knows that Love is what he is so he seeks to possess it because he feels he needs it. It’s all psychotic behavior and once it leaves an impression on Love it in turn becomes like a virus. Infecting all that are around it and even passing it on to ones children genetically.
  • o Love in turn is at war because we are at war. We are not complete because we fight against Love. When we are not complete, we attempt to compensate by filling the void. We seek to possess “lovers”, friends, things and even children to make us feel better about ourselves and to fill the void. We are once again looking on the outside when we should be looking within. The Love we seek is already within.
  • o Another way we fail to submit to or embrace Love is when we fail to possess the things that we feel will make us whole. We then in turn fight against ourselves. We hate the bodies that we are given. We hate the face that looks back at us in the mirror. We have come to hate the perfection that we are because of our emotional attachments to illusions. We are all born with gifts, tools to help us to fulfill our Purpose and we have even come to hoard the tools and forget that a Purpose is even the goal!
  • o Our once calm sea of Love is now at storm. Before we could get from shore to shore as easy as swimming to where we needed to go but we need help….we need Love. We have fragmented the oneness of Love and need to learn to submit to Love and become one with it again.

The Tools

  • o At the moment of manifestation, Loves connection with our physical bodies, we were given the tools to help us to, one, fulfill our purpose and second to become one with Love. These tools can range from the gift of foresight to the gift of song. No matter how big or small they may seem, trust me; there is a reason behind the gift.
  • o If you don’t have a particular gift, DO NOT SEEK to possess it. If it is meant for you to utilize, you will experience the gift. And the gift given to another person will be in turn used to help you on your journey.
  • o Now lets say you possess a particular set of tools, one may ask what to do with them. The answer is simple, use them. An unused gift is a gift wasted. If you are artistic, draw for other people, not just yourself. If you have the gift of song, sing for other people, not just yourself. If you have academic gifts, write for other people, not just yourself. These gifts are healing gifts, not just for you but for the world…for Love. These gifts have the power to make us more complete than we once were. These tools all serve a higher Purpose and should be used responsibly and not recklessly. If you use your tools for the wrong reasons or not at all, you lose your means to becoming one with Love again.

The Vessel

  • o Now that we have our tools and a sea. One might ask, what happens next? Well, if you find yourself standing at the shore of the sea with tools lying on the ground then you are not ready to embark on your journey. The building of your vessel is an instinctive process, it can not be forced. There are no instructions because it’s built in Love. Love will be your guide to when to build on your vessel and when to set sail.
  • o For those of you who stand on the shore of the sea with a vessel ready to set sail, Love applauds you. You are at the final step to becoming one with Love. Your vessel is complete and whole and is in turn your tool to navigating through the sea of Love to your ultimate destination. Some will make it to their destinations and some won’t only to lose their bearings and/or capsize at sea.

Setting Sail & Staying Afloat

  • o You have yourself, the sea and a vessel and the only instinctive thing to do next is to set sail. You will not be alone in your journey; there will be many vessels at sea and your final test. Will you realize your Purpose? Not the purpose of the sailor you just met, of your friends, of your family or even your children…but your Purpose.
  • o Many of you will cast out to sea and let your vessel take you to wherever the wind may blow, enjoying all that Love has to offer but forgetting your Purpose. Enjoy the journey at sea but do not forget your Purpose. Don’t get lost in the sea; use it to help you get to the shore of your Purpose.
  • o There are even some that will abandon their vessels and set sail with other sailors along the way. Remember, their purpose is not necessarily your Purpose. Don’t risk the chance of losing your vessel that took years to build to set sail in another vessel that leads you towards a shore in which your Purpose does not exist. Remember the building of the vessel is an instinctive process and you will need to start all over again, there is no instruction manual.
  • o Few of you will know the course and therefore your purpose but when facing turbulent waters you will either become cowardice and attempt to turn back or fight against the storm. A wise man knows that there is not fight that can be won against the sea. All you can do is set and adjust your sail according to the winds. You may get tossed around but you have your compass and you possess the knowledge to get your bearing back.
  • o And last the ones that have stayed the course, the ones that have even provided aid to the sick and weary at sea, Love applauds you. You have reached shore and fulfilled your Purpose. After reaching shore, an experience in Love may even lead you to another sea with another vessel. Remember to stay the course and realize that Love has a plan for you even when you yourself don’t realize what it is at the time. Maybe this is your last journey, maybe not but you have let Love use you to serve its higher Purpose. You have submitted to Love and all that it has to offer. You are among the few and that’s a gift in itself. Be thankful for every experience, good or bad because in the grand scheme of things you never know where it’ll lead you.

Happy Travels

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