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headphonesI’m sitting here at my desk listening to music while I work and I wonder, what magic the sounds of music and its vibrations are having on my body at this very moment? It’s as if every cell in my body is responding to every serenade, each melody bonding with my DNA, remembering what music is, how it makes me feel, where it transcends me to. *smile*

My playlist is called “Relaxing” and it contains nothing but the best of Rhythm and Blues and I am completely embraced by the sounds, it’s as if I’m not even here.

How fitting, Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye just came on. *eyes closed*

I wonder how much the world would change if we all took a moment to listen to good music? Not listening to heavy metal, but having the world listen to music that sends shivers up and down your spin as it opens up memories of your first love, making love during the rain, spending the day having fun with your friends or laughing until your side hurts. Some of the best experiences I’ve had involved the sounds of music.

…any ways, that’s what I’m doing now, how about yourself? *smile*

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