Mind Your Business Mama!!!

There was a lady in our neighborhood that was living in squalor. No running water. If you need me to be more explicit, she was urinating and defecating in cups until she could dispose of them. No one knew the severity of her conditions, but they suspected.

Queue my mom, someone informed her to go check on the lady. My mom goes in, sees the condition and informs the sheriff department who calls DHS. They hall her away, Barr her from her home…

She had a stroke.

I am so EXTREMELY irritated with my mom. Instead of her talking to her, or asking her if she’d see a psychiatrist, she doesn’t talk to the woman but just sends in the Calvary.

And then when she tells the story she can even muster a smirk or a laugh when she speaks of the conditions. What she did is just…smh…it’s just so disrespectful on so many levels…I don’t even know what to say. Her excuse? I was just trying to help.

See consciously she thinks she’s trying to help, but subconsciously she knows that she was more concerned about changing the situation so she’d feel better about it. She wasn’t thinking about the woman. Only herself. And to add insult to injury they blamed the children for not looking after their mama.

It breaks my heart.

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