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Me In Dubai? Verdicts In

Dear Sharron,

Thank you for your e-mail, unfortunately the recession didn’t give us a break, I had to choose between me staying in Dubai and closing down the company or to keep the company running and leave Dubai, as I became a liability more than adding value to the company, anyway right now I’m residing in Sydney – Australia me and my wife and my three kids. Swati stayed in Dubai managing the company promising me that once the situation gets better I should come back to continue the journey. Back to your situation, yes your assumption is right the position is no longer relevant for time being, but don’t worry you lose some and you gain some as well, now you have two extra friends – one in Australia and one in Dubai.
Regards James

if this offer had of came a month earlier I would have been over there. I would have loved working with this company they are a good group of people, not looking for an employee but a family member. Good luck James and Swati

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