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Manifestation 101

I just figured this whole manifestation thing out…Wow! Ok listen up…this is Divine Wisdom here.

It’s more than envisioning what you want to manifest. It’s more than knowing what you want will manifest. You have to generate enough energy to make it manifest. No beliefs…no hope…you have to know with all your being AND energize it.

Say you want a car…you’re going to have to do more than speak it…put it on a vision board or wishful think it into existence. You have to have a “coming to Jesus” energy build up toward achieving that car. The amount of energy you generate during this session will determine how long it takes to manifest the car.

Let me expound…I have determined that manifestation is directly tied to the energy you generate to manifest it.

Let me expound…Its more than burning candles you have to generate CRAZY energy to manifest what you want.

Let me expound…It has to possess you, if you damn near pass out after the energy session you are on the right track.

Let me expound…compare the energy session to a rain dance the Native Americans are known for doing…and tie in some voudon energy work. Im talking about that amount of energy…crying, laughing, dancing…etc.

I have been consistently manifesting “something” over and over again to my benefit and didn’t even realize it. And its the only thing I’ve energized that I have manifested within 1 month each time.

I kid you not…Imao…I would post this to my board…but my family will think Im crazy lol.

I think ya’ll may need to pin this post lol.

And there are sooooooooooo many signs to your energy potential…Im a developer so Im on my computer alot…one clear indication for me that my energy is off the charts is when my computer starts to get HOT…this happens every time Im upset or when Im rushing or panicked…it’ll get so HOT that it will lock up and freeze.

Ladies….this is it! We have to get put hella energy into what we want to manifest. Im not talking about working hard to like raise money…Im talking about you, little ole’ you, getting the universe to realize that what you require is urgent.

Let yourself be heard.

Create your own rituals if you have to but you have to make it rain baby…the more energy the faster it will manifest.

I hope ya’ll heard me tonight…holla!

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