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Manifest Your Destiny

I remember this documentary, unsure of which, but I know the following statement was made by some natives in Asia. I wish I remembered more but the most important thing I remembered is that what the native said translate to…

“…we are waiting on the black people in America to wake up and become the gods they are meant to be.”

If I were to surmise the behavior of a god? I’m quite sure that they don’t blame other people for what’s lacking in their lives. Gods create their own destiny they don’t wait for it to be given to them. Just my two cents.

Slavery? They caught us slipping, we lost that battle. Many groups have lost in war, it happens, can’t everybody win. Reparations? Probably not gone happen…ever for black folks.

What will you do? Sulk? Complain? Blame? Or manifest your own destiny.

No one owes us anything, even when we feel they should. So will we wake up and realize we have free will and we create our lives or will we stay sleep waiting on everybody to ”do right” so you can then make a move?

The choice is really ours.

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