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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #94 – Blinded by Pain

We don’t see the world or people as they are, we see the world and its inhabitants as we are.

…And as much as we may want a person to see who we really are, we can not force it. As much as we may want someone to know we Love and care and think the world of them, unless they can truly see you? Your efforts to show them anything will be in vain. They have to wake up to who you are in their own time, if at all.

If they’ve been in traumatic, hurtful relationships they may always see you as a person whose come to hurt them. They become blinded by their own pain and it’s the saddest thing to watch. You know you’ve come with nothing but the purest of intentions and it pains you that your loved one can’t see nor ever benefit from your connection. And yes, they are 100% correct in what they see in you, and at the same time they’ve never been further from the truth.

It just makes me so mad!! I just want to scream!! We had an opportunity on this planet to really bond with it, it’s creatures and each other, to realize our Divinity and how connected we all are to everything but we eventually all get trapped by these devices put in place to keep us from realizing how truly beautiful and powerful we all are.


Thank God for friendships and other “soldiers of Love” who see it and resist. And as they see you falling back to sleep they are in place to shake you out of it. “Remember who you are” they say. “Remember to keep your peace about you.” “No one is at fault or to blame, it is what it is.” And then you do remember…

We must never force anything on anyone, we all grow in our own time. You can’t force a flower to grow nor must we force each other. So I continue on this life’s journey, trying to stay beautiful despite the odds.


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