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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #71: Purposefully Me (How Candy Crush Saga Lead Me to My Purpose on Earth lol)

I have become addicted to Candy Crush Saga. I love puzzles, great graphics and journeys and this game embodies all of that. I played my little heart out until I got to level 20 when it made me stop and ask for help from friends to go to the next level…


But before I continue, a little history on my obsession with online games. I actually started out on the other end of the spectrum. I was against it, everyone else should be and I actually put together a support group for the families of compulsive game players, I kid you not. I wanted to provide an area, mockingly of course, where family members could talk about how loved ones have lost their ever loving minds playing these silly online games. I urged everyone to not play these online games because they take over your life, you unknowingly neglect your loved ones and you lose all touch with reality. The group’s name was “Love One’s Against Farmville, Mafia Wars, CafeWorld & (shit I forget the last one)” So now fast forward about three years and here I am shivering like a crack head trying NOT to play this game…and then I have to ask for help?! Oh hell no!

As soon as I saw this blockage to me continuing this game, I immediately went “crackish”. I thought things like…”I don’t want to ask anyone to help me play this game. I won’t do it.”, “Wow, is this just my issue with asking for help?”, “I don’t want to bother anyone.”, “Why am I thinking so deeply about a game?”, “Does anyone else think about all this stuff?”….

“No, but you do.”

And in my most crackish moment I realized what my purpose was…Candy Crush Saga I found my purpose! Yes! Finally!

How many of us have thought about “what path should I take?” or “what is my purpose on earth?” Those questions don’t require an answer, it isn’t even something we have to think about. Just being, as we are is our purpose. Everything is in Divine Order, all we need to do is…be…and this is in alignment with Divine Will.

So the one thing that I find myself always doing is “seeing” into everything. I have learned lessons from birds, children, my cat, software development and now even video games…and I do this ALL THE TIME. I am always tapping into something and pulling out some of my most beautiful revelations. I do this without even thinking and I have to write even if I have no audience. It has to come out of me, either in talking with friends, myself, writing in my journal or blogging. I have to share what I am, I feel we all do. We have to share ourselves with each other, and in doing this we build a vast repository of information that all of us can tap into at any time and any where.

Now when I play Candy Crush Saga, I am going to play it with pride and no shame and if anyone asks I will say to them, “Playing this stupid ass game is my purpose…so fuck off.”

Yeah I like that (lol)

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