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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #6 Checking for this Aries Brother

Was going through the poems that you didn’t know were to you and found this one…changed the title to make it less obvious. Its so funny lol.

Uhm Uhm Uhm
God you’re so fine
You blow my mind

Don’t you want to know my name?
Oh, I know yours and your social
And what time you got in last night
I was stalking ya see
You do that to me

I want you to have my babies
I’d hold your knees while you push
With each scream
I’d let you know I’m on your team

You want me to iron your clothes?
Nawl boo I can’t do that
But I’ll let you know when the iron gets hot
Don’t get it twisted now…a house wife I am not

You didn’t know it
But you’ve dreamt of me
Didn’t you see me hiding behind that tree

Dang my fine ass brother…
What does a sister have to do
To get in good with chou’

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