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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #56: The Rebirth

I believe that Pluto has really run its course in my second house. It has succeeded in breaking me completely down financially. Yesterday was a hard day, I had to watch my grandmother and she cursed me out, threatened me, tried to bust my head open with a cane and then a broom and it was too much, I ate whatever was in sight and I gave in to whatever was happening at that moment. I was giving up.

I don’t know when things changed for me, its almost always during this time of night/morning that I actually have clarity. I was watching The Secret online and there was one thing that they have said before that brought a realization to me. You can know if your thoughts are positive or negative by your feelings. And when I heard that I realized I have been so fearful, doubtful and depressed but all the while thinking positive things. I needed to make a change dramatically. I had talked to earlier and he told me to “Be Strong, You are a Strong Woman”. And Strong is what I must be…I need Temperance.

I did a tarot reading at around 2:50a today and it told me about myself once again and its right on point. After the reading, I posted that I had done a reading and KK K said to me “Be and be not afraid to reach for heaven, beloved.  xo @SharronDenice”. I know I am on the right path.

The Reading – An Analysis

You’re in love and what is standing in your way right now is finances. There are alot of negativity working in this relationship and it is all self imposed. This man is a very loving and caring man and he is the right one for you. In order for you all to be together you really need to start cultivating a financial future for the both of you.

Right now all you are doing is worrying and this needs to stop. You have hit the bottom, there is no doubt about that but there is no place to go but up now, you can’t possibly get any lower than were you are now and its to the stars. Everyone sees you as a star, they see your potential and you need to see the same.

You wish for a happy financial future for you and him and that is possible but you must stay grounded. You can not continue to be swayed by every single emotion that you have. You must enjoy the ride, everything that you have dreamed of will come to past.


The reading is spot on. I have had people, complete strangers, who have come up to me and told me I was going to be successful. That just doesn’t happen…and they all say the same things. “I will hear about you”, “you will do well”, “God has a plan for you”, “Be strong”, “Everything’s going to be OK” and “We will be together”. I have to remember. I have to stay strong just like reminded me to do.


Note: Here are the times during the day that coincide with Cn28 phases.

Planning – 7p – 10p
Planting – 10p – 2a
Clearing – 2a – 5a
Gathering – 5a – 8a
Seeing –  8a – 11a
Leading – 11a – 1p
Doing – 1p – 4p
Using – 4p – 7p

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