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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #54: Free Yourself

Had a beautiful discussion with one of my friends (Tre Michael) this morning and as we spoke I could hear Corinne Bailey Rae singing “Put your records on…and let your hair down”. We spoke about trusting individuals and how it is a form of control. We decided that the only trust is that of God/Universe/Allah/Jesus/etc that everything is and will be as Universe intends. So with that, we decided, “No worries, No stress, Just Live, Just Be”.

Everyday we choose to discard a little baggage or add a little bit more but we must always remember the more weight we choose to carry the longer it takes us to reach our goals. Do yourself a favor…let it go, break free and run down the streets of life naked and unafraid.

I release you from your word. I release myself from your word. #breakingfree

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