Love’s Chronicles – Entry #41 Oh Yea of No Faith

Why does your credit score matter? So you saying you like being apart of the system and spirituality has no place in it? sounds like thats what you’re saying and then I would have to agree with you. If you seek to be apart of this system then spirituality has no place in your life.


And…the point is to know that this all is an illusion brother Amun. Can you imagine the power we could harness if we truly let go and realized we were Gods?!? lol WOW!

But until then most will lock themselves down willingly to a system of …suppression and kill the God within themselves…or only use their powers at certain “time and place”

Interesting Gods…What’s up today?

Why attempt to rule a system that doesn’t exist? lol The power is in letting it all go and showing others, if you can, how to do so as well.

They have a special club for you…the dead. These are the people that learn the truth ABOUT THE SYSTEM and then seek to rule it or CONQUER it. They just end up fighting until death. There is no war to be won against the machine. When we de…tach and let go then it has no power.

Imagine a bunch of people raising up fighting…what will happen? They’ll end up massacring them in the streets.

Imagine a bunch of people just saying…fuck it I ain’t doing jack (DRE WAKE UP LOOK AT WHAT THE PRISONERS ARE DOING THEY JUST SAYING NO MORE)…what will happen? The system will try a new approach and bow at your feet because only with our beliefs does it exist. Cease to believe in it and it ceases to exist.

What those GA prisoners are doing is so powerful! The machine losing money everyday they don’t work for slave labor…think about it dre! It’s nothing to conquer…let it go! The power is in KNOWING its all an illusion. Just think about what we could accomplish if we truly KNEW that. Yes the bible has been modified by man but look at the scripture the white house quotes on their XMas Cards…”remember yea are Go…ds” And look who ruling?! lol they got it they just using that power to control and they are doing a hell of a good job lol

Poverty defined by the system Dre! Look at what I’m doing lol I’m saying fuck your job you can have it and Im leaving that ish and they don’t even know how to respond to me. They just can’t BELIEVE what I’m doing. Everybody trying to talk t…o me and pull me to the side lol fuck a paycheck I am going to make my OWN rules I’m tired of TRYING to play a game when I don’t even have the rulebook dre! They can have that…you can too if you want it lol…just gotta throw you the deuces love

Im apart of a new organization now where everything we want we manifest with our minds! lol

Many people say with their lips that they have the power to create their own realities. Many people know that if they only had faith as small as a mustard seed they could move mountains. They say and know these things but their actions go against it all. Namaste to all whose heart, mind, will and action are in harmony. Namaste to the true creators!

Fuck rent! lol I’m going to be living rent fee, room and board paid! lol You create your reality with YOUR mind. If you believe rent is a factor it will be.


And I am 100% positive there are some resisters that have non-terminating seeds for planting and harvesting…I will find this person or organization and then i’ll be planting my own foods lol you think they scare me with their laws? fuck t…he government and fuck the system lol

this MY SHIT! WHAT I SAY GOES! lol And thats all there is to it!

Dre? Listen to what you’re saying

“I gotta work to make it” thats what they want you to believe. Use your mind to create a way where you won’t have to in order to “make it”. Create what you want for your life dre!

stop. letting. them. define…. your. reality.

nd its funny millions of people believe the same thing “i have to do this…in order to do that.” and its all based on a system of belief. Wake up Dre!

Stop giving away your power! YOU CREATE your own relief. You already know what I’m doing you can use that if you feel helpless…you CREATE your own reality Dre!

And you have my Love and respect.

You know I normally text you but I saw a similar post from brother Amun and decided to put it all on your board. I don’t know what’s going on with us women but we’ve had enough it seems. I can understand why… its harder for some men to let go because you all are conditioned to earn a wage, break your back night and day to support yourself and family and then die early and leave your wives the insurance money. So I understand but I can’t let you give this system your power Dre…love ya too much :-)

We live in a world today where are mindset is so screwed up that it would be an injustice to teach our children anything with our crazy selves lol. We need to reset our thinking by learning from them.
Amun…Amun…hmmmm….Amun…ok I will speak Amun. Amun will you listen. Amun? you there?…

I can prove it to me. But you won’t be able to witness it for yourself Amun because it seems like you believe in the system. We are beginning to pl…ay by different rules. Its so simple and its so beautiful.

All I know is that everything I ask of now I have received. Whether you believe me or not is irrelevant. I have so much trust in myself and my powers, I am completely withdrawing from the system because I trust in my powers THAT MUCH. If you don’t believe I’m quitting the system I can show you my “separation papers” lol.

But like I said to him…this MY shit! lol I run this!
As the natives in Phuket said after the tsunami….”We are waiting for our brothers in America to wake up and realize they are Gods”.

(Ooooooooh goosebumps… I wish I can give you the source to that quote but I just remembered it and it stu…ck with me!)

Were floating around in darkness, suspended in mid-air inside a big ball with a inner sun that does not burn us to a crisp and we are being held down by an “invisible force” called gravity, and we have a moon that “invisibly” controls the o…ceans and the water inside us lol if that’s not illusion enough for ya I don’t know what is.

Ok I’m out…Namaste Gods!!!

And whether you or any of us realize we are Gods are not is irrelevant. THEY know! And they will do whatevers in their power to keep us locked down worshipping the system they created for us. A bunch of Gods sitting around talking about “ma…n I wish I had the power to change this”….SACRILEGE! WAKE UP GODS!

An I don’t know who you two were talking to last night but I would cease and desist IMMEDIATELY!

Many people say with their lips that they have the power to create their own realities. Many people know that if they only had faith as small as a mustard seed they could move mountains. They say and know these things but their actions go against it all. Namaste to all whose heart, mind, will and action are in harmony. Namaste to the true creators!

Just because I can’t yet do something I do not say to myself and to all “Oh thats impossible. I could not do it therefore it is crazy.”

No! I say I will start again and I will not stop until I can!


It would be in your world Jeanne. It is an illusion in mines and I am going to manipulate it at will to create what I want.

I will NEVER accept the masses definition of “reality” and “illusion” again and I will ALWAYS have exactly what I need.

Most of the things we can’t see controls us, like gravity. We’re sitting in a big ball surrounded in darkness, suspended in mid-air, with a inner sun that somehow does not burn us to a crisp and we know what reality is?…

It’s a shame most of us will never experience anything other than what we can see with our two eyes or feel with our two hands.

I will NOT make that MY reality!


“They don’t know you and they cant mold you, they cant hold you down cuz We are the wicked, We are the brave, We don’t take orders and We don’t behave! Calling all pirates come out of your graves! Calling all pirates come out of your graves!” -Simone Craig (A JuJuMama) Calling All Pirates

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