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Loves Chronicles – Entry #4 What Is This

transcendsIs it normal to long for a presence so much?
I can’t breathe…I need release.
Please…release me…this is torture.
Is it normal to long for a smile so much?
It burns…a look into the sun.
I’m blinded…this is fire.
Is it normal to need a touch so much?
I ache…my body won’t obey.
Wanting, needing…this is agony.
Is it normal to need to touch so much?
Just briefly…Oh so softly.
I tremor.
The feel.
His smell…this is intoxicating.
Is it normal to share all the secrets of the heart so much?
I must tell…you have to know.
I need release.
Just hear me…feel me.
Can I touch you?

Oh baby I need this.

Just one time, it’s all I need.
Please obey.
Can I stay on your mind? You’re all that’s on mines.
I can’t sleep.
Why am I so weak?
No one’s suppose to be here.
What is this?
This transcends.

Ewwww Honey!

I forget who I was thinking about when I wrote this but I definitely needed some Healing from this brother!

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