Love’s Chronicles – Entry #36 Compassion

Lets ask ourselves this.

Who is to blame for the lion being caught and imprisoned in a zoo? Do we get mad at the lion and say stupid lion how could you have gotten caught…”I’m so much smarter. I’m out here and you’re in there?” Or do we have compassion?

I patroned a zoo once in my right mind and I was near tears because I saw the bigger picture. I saw enslaved souls on display and everyone coming to watch with joy and glee. A dolphin in captivity brings me to tears because it can’t help but to smile and that’s all we see, the external, but can you imagine how the dolphin feels? Can you connect? Do you understand why some commit suicide? Can you feel their pain? Can you imagine being ripped away from your home? How would you react?

If we are able to connect with the animals, why do we find it so hard to connect with our own people? If by chance we were able to free ourselves, wouldn’t you think there would have to be a period of rehabilitation for ourselves before we could provide any wisdom to those we left behind? Why do we get so boastful and judgemental when some of our people deal with conditions we no longer face?

Before we judge, we must first learn to connect and I guarantee you’ll feel differently. These are our people we must be compassionate and focus our energies on what matters…you. We must first heal ourselves if we seek to heal the world. And once we’ve healed, we’ll begin to see the world with a different set of eyes…we will begin to be more compassionate for All that lives and not just compassionate to those in our immediate circles.

We need to remember who we are…that we are all connected…that we are One.

I was having a discussion on FaceBook with Jason Taylor. We were talking about how voting in elections is like picking a lesser of two evils. Well one female was argumentative with him because he had not chosen to vote. She completely shutdown and would not even read what he or I had to say. She would read the first sentence and then just stop.

Jason in turn made fun of her and called her names and laughed that she was stupid and didn’t graduate high school. I told him that it’s not our people we should be angry at but our conditions. He then goes on to ask that shouldn’t she be responsible for her state of mind. The above was my response to him.

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  1. Asherah Amyas November 5, 2010 at 11:36 PM - Reply

    All I implore you to please stop imprisoning each other. Stop imprisoning each other in relationships. Jealous if our mate go out the front door to get the news paper. Jealous if we are spending more time with one friend than another.Stop i…mprisoning animals. Stop buying animals to in turn imprison them in cages…example…a bird. A bird was meant to fly. How would you feel if someone took you and put you in a small cage when you were use to soring the skys above?People please wake-up. We need compassion.

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