Love’s Chronicles – Entry #3 Clouds & Earth

Clouds & EarthIt will happen, just a little more time, a few more drops

Then it will happen, I know it will.

How long has it been since it’s been thoroughly replenished?
Looks like a while.
I am anticipation, I bring joy

Wait, has it never felt rain, am I over desert?
No anticipation for this precipitation, does this happen?
Does this earth not know how good it feels when I release?
Does this earth notice that I exist?
No, this earth has never felt the rain I break
At last, I feel it, Oh I bring joy, earth’s joy, desert’s joy

Wait, where’s my earth, was it the wind that sends
Me off to release, where grasses grow and meadows flow
I break, I release, but Oh
It is not the same

A call to the winds
To bring me back to my desert, my earth
I break, I release, expectation, no exaltation, no gratification
Maybe next lifetime my earth will know the kiss of my joy
I can wait, but will my earth anticipate?
Can my earth miss, what it has never had?

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