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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #2 For Me or You

beautiful-black-woman2This poem is for us ladies that when we meet a new man we go out and buy all these clothes…looking good…smelling good…hair tight…but when we are not around that man look tore and broke down. So ladies…let’s look good for ourselves…because if we’re not doing it for ourselves…we won’t be able to maintain and then he’ll be like…who the hell is this? lol

A butterfly’s release
Now so bold.
Worth more than diamonds or gold.

Sassy reds, Royal blues
So different, yet so new.
Everybody sees the change in you.

Candy apple red, Oh so sweet
Nevermind that, I’m the treat

Fiery golds, Bossy browns
Everybody’s wondering
Who’s the new girl in town.

Oh so Lovely
How much pretty can you be?
But hold on is this for you or for me?

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