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Love Letters to my King – Entry #5 Never

I never thought this day would come
Never thought I would be so blessed in Love
All the nights I lay awake wondering
Hoping and praying that fairy tales come true
Wondering would I ever have Love smile at me
And now?…now? my dearest heart
Every time I see your face,
Every time I hear your voice,
Every time I feel your touch,
I experience what God intended…Love unconditional

I never thought this day would come
Never thought Love would shake me to the core

And now?…now? my most beautiful dream
I can fly
I can trust
I can be exactly who God intended
So many nights I cried for you
And now you’re here
Love in the physical
Love in Love with me

Never again will I doubt that Love can shine
Even on me

I Am in Love with You eternally

And if you don’t have the words right now my Love
Not to worry, my soul speaks for us both

You make my heart smile =)


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