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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #87: Love Conquers All

cute-cat-kitten-huggingDivide and conquer is the oldest strategy in the world to overcome a group of people. Keep them focused and fighting amongst each other and keep their focus off of the bigger picture…Unity and Love. Separatism is every where…feminism, sexism, racism, classism, religious intolerance and, lord, we now even gone into judging people based on their mating styles. We learn a few new things and we can not WAIT to turn our fingers on each other in judgement. We do it ALL the time. When will it stop? When will we wake up and realize we are much greater than we are apart?

We think we are so great as humans but how crazy would things appear if all the black cats of the world separated themselves from all the white cats? Or all the black cats decide they want to kill all the white cats or vice versa? Now a human is going to look at them and say, well how silly, you’re both just cats. But why cant’ we do that? It is that easy to wake up to the truth.

Is it slavery that has black people stuck on the past? Do we realize that other black people were killing other black people during Apartheid? Do you realize that other white people were killing other white people during the Holocaust? And you know what the heart of the matter of every single genocide? Separatism. See past the color, realize we have all had traumatic experiences in our past but what makes the person is how we use those experiences to build better futures for ourselves and others. Wake up to Love my brothers and sisters. #weallinthistogether

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