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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #80: Listen

istock_000008094055smallAs much as I write/talk, it is rare when I say to anybody, “You. need. to. do. this. or else” But I said that to “someone” about a situation she was about to get into and of course she didn’t listen, she went with her feelings and now she’s paying for it. Sounds like something anyone would do right, “Go with your feelings”? We do it all the time, however, there is more to this story.

When I told her what she needed to do, I didn’t base it on anything I “felt”, I based it on her ignoring external signs that lead her to the answer she was seeking. She was driving along one day and she heard a whisper tell her to “Go here” and she went and she met a “stranger” that shed light on her situation and gave her the answer she needed and it set well with her spirit. She knew IMMEDIATELY what she needed to do. However, next came the test. Ha! Of course there is a test, isn’t there always? Well when it was time for her test and she faced the “problem” head on, she ignored the answer and went with her feelings because she felt sorry for the person.

Well actually, it was a bit more “Stephen Spielberg” than that. While the “problem” was pleading its case, my friend felt sorry for the person and my friend kept praying, “God what shall I do.” “Should I help her.” She kept praying all the while the “problem” was playing  on her emotions. Then she heard another voice, “Give her a chance”. And still doubtful she went ahead and did just that…

Well, I didn’t even say “I told you so” when I talked to her. I just gave her what she asked for because now her situation involves court and police.

So who/what did she hear the first time? AND the second? Call it whatever you like, names are not important to me, but I will share my thoughts. The first voice she heard I believe to be the Light. We call it God/One/Love/Universe/Jesus/Allah/Higher Self/Spiritual Guides/Instincts etc. She prayed for an answer and she got it and when she did, everything opened up for her; however, at the hour of the test she forgot about the Higher aspect of Life and focused on herself and what she was feeling, not what she had been “told” previously. She prayed for an answer she had already received. Light had spoken. So as she prayed, I imagine she opened herself up to the Dark because she was desperate. We call it Devil/Demon/Fear/Lower Self/etc. And it gave her the answer SHE WANTED at that time to make her feel better about things. She left and was still doubtful, so much so she put stipulations in their agreement. In my experience, Dark never puts us at ease its the lesson bringer and only through the Light can we overcome the Dark. The Dark makes us learn “the hard way”. And that she has done.

If we ask the question, we will ALWAYS receive the answer, that has been my truth…of that I have NO DOUBT. I say “we” because I believe it to be true for everyone who “listens”. However the answer we receive is based on if we are at peace or not at the time. In my experience, Light is only visible in Peace, Dark is only visible in Chaos. One sits well, the other doesn’t.  I don’t see Living experiences as “bad” or “good” anymore, I see them as what is. A bad or Dark experience puts us on a path of learning a lesson we could of avoided if only you had listened to the answer we received in Peace. In the moment I am receiving Light, I don’t even trust anything coming from me (logical or emotional) to make a decision. I ignore what I want, what I feel and the weirdness of the moment and go with what just set my spirit at ease when I couldn’t even set myself at ease. Do I believe any of what she experienced existed outside of herself? In this instance? No. She summoned two different entities which I believe we are all One with. I do believe some other things but I’ll save that for the movie I’m writing.

Its a challenge to not trust ourselves as we know and to relinquish to a higher power but its either that…or the alternative. Make a choice.




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