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Letters to the Moon – Entry #3 Daddy’s Litle Girl

I had an epiphany this morning, its a little embarrassing that this just clicked for

me. *inhale* *exhale* I think…no…I have been missing the Love being shown from the men in my life because I didn’t even know what it felt like. I didn’t even know how to recognize it…I just know how I best receive it and if it hasn’t been in that form it just didn’t register. So what do I recognize? I have one image…just one…of me riding around in the car with my father and I was his right hand girl, “riding dirty” *smile*, no seat belt, sitting up on the arm rest between him and and my cousin/his friend. Just driving off going to where ever. There was so much Love in that car, a car accident wasn’t even possible. I remembered that image all these years and it stuck, he had me on a little pedestal.

But other than a man putting me on a complete pedestal, what else did I know…not much. I Love to be touched but if I don’t allow touching from anyone else other than the person I’m in a relationship with…how did I see the other men in my life? How would I? I’ve always been the bread winner in my relationships so he couldn’t even bring home the bacon. The men who have ever Loved me have been in awkward positions and my understanding and depth of Love was limited at best…not a good combination at all.

Last night I didn’t even realize how much someone cared about me until he actually told me…he had to tell me…and I got it. He actually had to say, no Asherah Amyas, this is how Im Loving you. smh. Lord I had just been unintentionally hurting their feelings…I didn’t even know. One said he was intimidated by me, and I just brushed it off because I didn’t understand why one would be…smh now I see…I would of been too. And here I am saying no one cares and its been in my face all the time. Lord I must of came off as a complete bitch because unless you just flat out said, “Damn Asherah Amyas this is my mack daddy vibe I’m giving you here.” It just went right over my head. Its a little sad and lord the men that just fell off are more than I can count and I’m always left saying, but I didn’t do anything. Why do they keep leaving me? I get it.

I know I can’t change time or can’t even say this to many of you but I apologize Kings. I will do my best to acknowledge your Love because it is all valid. I open myself to you to receive whatever you have to give. I get it now. Love you ♥

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