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Letters to the Moon – Entry #1 The Magician

“I am so happy & grateful to have married both the feminine and masculine aspects of myself and am now fully understanding the dynamics of my being as well as that of ALL. I feel one with ALL and give and receive Love effortlessly.”

The above is my first letter to the Moon. When I wrote it I had no idea what I was asking, I thought that I was writing about being able to experience positive Love from other people. What I find that I am now learning to experience but the Rain and Sun of Love. The experience of Love is not all roses and flowers, there will be rain as well as sunshine.

When we push ourselves away we do ourselves an injustice as well as the person were running from. We rarely stop to think what life could be like after the storm. We just choose not to weather it and we focus on the sunniest life paths. But now I see that every path will have its ups and down. We’re just spinning in circles when we attempt to make all of our days sunny because it’ll never happen.

It will NEVER happen…NEVER will all of our days be sunny. We can either choose to only be joyful in the sun and sad in the rain or we can count it all as growth. How can a flower live if it never encounters rain? How can a flower live if …it never encounters the sun?

We need to welcome both into our lives equally. With each sunny day we should expect the rain because within those waters is healing and growth and within those rays are rejuvenation and wisdom.

Note to self: Asherah Amyas stop running from Love. Because each time you run you know it only attacks like a pit bull to pull you back in. Silly girl you would think you’d learn by now lol.

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