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Let it Go!

I have a few new life philosophies
1. Let it go!: Let all the pain go because its distorting me and allowing life to pass me by.
2. Don’t let one day pass w/o doing at least one thing toward my goals in life. got that one from Miss Storm.

I am about to discover the new me…Asherah.

Did you know that Donna just had another baby named Corryn (7/31/06 04:00PM Tucson, AZ) and chick did not involve me at all. I just heard from Cheryll that the baby is in the NIC unit because she has a hole in her intestine. I’m sorry to hear that truly…but I wont intrude if Donna doesn’t want me in her life for whatever reason…I have to let it go.

Assignment #2
What are 4 actions I have been putting off and the pain and pleasure associated with doing and not doing these things, respectfully. Note also what it will cost me to keep delaying completing these actions and how it will make me feel. What will I gain by taking action now.

1. Losing weight
pain: giving up the foods I like, competing w/ other women, Moor starting to pay more attention when he wouldn’t when I was fat, giving up excuses, people treating me differently
pleasure: eating to null pain
cost: self-image, children, health, family, intimacy, cute clothes, singing (courage) the true me
feel: suicidal, sad, depressed

2. Starting my business
pain: devoting time, not having help
pleasure: having time, not facing failure
cost: helping family, being poor (paycheck to paycheck)
feel: failure, never fulfilled dreams, mediocre

3. Standing up for myself
pain: conflict, losing friends, people not liking me, being teased or low blows
pleasure: none of the pain above
cost: health, getting what I deserve, being treated fairly
feel: worthless, not worthy

4. Letting my past go (the pain)
pain: having nothing to drive me, letting those that hurt me get away with it, moving on to the unknown…my life w/o this to carry me
pleasure: not facing none of the pain above
cost: waisted life, not healing, weight gain, no beauty only chaos
feel: stagnant

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