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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #78: “Let Go, Let God”

mercedes_left_right_brain_2There are so many events happening at this very moment that defy explanation. We call them miracles, supernatural and most times they are simply unbelievable. Take for instance, Seizure-Alert Dogs. These extraordinary canines are trained to notify a human that they are about to have a seizure. The early warning allows the human to take the necessary precautions to prevent the seizure from happening. Cat’s are known for not giving a damn, but some can predict oncoming death in humans. A large number of animals can predict danger and disasters way before humans can.

Another common phenomena is the migratory patterns of birds. Regardless of weather conditions, such as fog, wind or rain, these birds almost always find their way to their intended location. Most of us, without a GPS, wouldn’t know whether we were going or coming.

Even more mysterious animal behavior? Running when they sense danger. I don’t know too many humans that run from a fight, even when they know they are out-numbered, out-matched and know they are going to get their asses whopped. Can’t be no punk…right?


Now given all of these amazing abilities in animals, why when it comes to humans do we consider our “special” abilities “devil work?” Why when it comes to ourselves or others, do we label one “crazy” or “insane”? I’ve actually said, and heard others say, “I must be crazy.” when something happens that defies belief. Why do we only believe what we can process with our five senses? Who told us we had only five senses? Why did we believe them? Why do we limit ourselves, dumb ourselves down? Why do we do it to ourselves and others? Why do we imprison ourselves in our own minds?

I had something unbelievable happen to me a couple days ago and I am still trying to figure out the “How” so my mind can get some peace. But why does the “How” even matter? Birds don’t sit around in a flock, wasting time, thinking…”Now ya’ll we really have to think about how we are able to get to the the same location every time. Let’s just sit and think about this and then we can continue on doing what we were doing before.” Crazy right? But why do we do it and call it Science?

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down upon Science. Being an engineer myself, the groups of people who sit around and figure out “How shit” happens are great and are needed for balance. They are left brain in action. I just wonder, are we so smart now that we have become intuitively dumb? Speaking of which, where are the intuits…the “crazy” ones? The ones that don’t need an explanation in order to know that there is a Power guiding us and everything we do. To discount something we don’t understand or to dumb down the event with our limited logic and knowledge, wouldn’t that be equivalent to denying the power of God/Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah/Creator/Universe/Energy because our little minds can’t fathom anything greater? To call something “Devil” work, when we don’t understand, wouldn’t there be a strong chance that we were calling the actions of God/Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah/Creator/Universe/Energy “Devil Work”?

joanofarcJoan of Arc was burned at the stake having been labeled a witch because the Church…smh…the Church could not fully understand how she was able to do what she did. Perhaps it frightened them, made them uncomfortable, in any case, they killed her and many, many, many, many others in crusades to eradicate the world of everything they did not understand and feared. The Crusades were highly successful too, I don’t know too many people flaunting their “special” abilities around for the world to see. Only years later, did they understand that she was only utilizing the Higher power and they quietly canonized her, now she is known as Saint Joan of Arc.

The bible has so many miraculous events happening throughout (i.e Noah’s Arc, the Virgin birth, Talking serpents, Revelations) that I personally can not understand how the Church could/can be so closed minded. One would think the religious factions of the world would be the most open-minded on the planet and history has shown that to not be the case. The Crusades are over, its time we stop living in fear of ourselves. If we are unable to figure out the “How”, then perhaps its not the time for us to understand. We should not discount and dismiss, all the wondrous glories of this world, simply because we can not see the wondrous glories within ourselves…within us All, large and small. As the saying goes, we should all “Let Go, and Let God”.

My Afterthought

There are two things that I keep with me, “God is Love” (and Love to me is both Sunshine & Rain, Darkness & Light) and “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”. I keep these two sayings with me at all times. I can’t say I always remember to remember them, but eventually I do and then I have my moment of peace.

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