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Introducing Mr. Leo

July 3:

Well I went home and had an awesome time with my family. At the family reunion, I met a most beautiful soul, who I’ll call “Leo”, and we fell in love :-). I saw him and immediately felt an attraction, I told my brother to bring him over to where we were and we both were eye-balling each other while my brother  ran his mouth. That same night we went out and he rode in the car with me and it was magic, we talked about everything as if we had been friends for years. He wished me a happy birthday when he realized it was my birthday and he said I’ll get you whatever you want and we drove to get ice cream but it was closed. But it was just the thought of him actually getting anything for me for my birthday and we just had met that really moved me. We went down by the Black Warrior/Tombigbee River and sat and watched the stars and the boats go by. He held me tight and we just talked for hours, looking into each others eyes. We held hands, it was just everything I had ever wished for in a date. He covered my legs so the mosquitoes wouldn’t bite but as you can see in this pic it didn’t help any lol.

When he walked me back to the car I gave him a hug and he told me that my heart was beating so fast he could feel it. And then he gave me this look that sent chills down my spine. I wanted to kiss him then so bad but of course I ran off lol and immediately got in the car and we caught up with Bro and crew (Bro, Mikey and Pretty Boy…we had left them at the Salt-N-Pepa since clubs weren’t our scene) and they surrounded the car giving us a hard time. We went back to his room and I stayed a few hours with just us spooning and hold hands and caressing but then once again I got horny and ran away. He kept kissing me on my forehead, my cheeks and he even stole a kiss from my lips. He told me that he was going to give me his jersey but I had no clue of the significance of such an act.

July 4:

Wow the next day I couldn’t wait to see him but I played it cool like it was no big deal. His smile…I’d live for that smile of his *smile*. He and Bro came to the quarters late and we ended up taking a walk around the road and looking at the stars. It was such Love. As we talked I could hear my family lighting fire crackers and singing and acting crazy and I laughed and laughed. This time though when he leaned in to kiss me I definitely kissed him back. He’s a good kisser but his tongue surprises you *smile* we gone have to work on that. We talked for a long while and when we were about to leave I told him that he was a perfect gentleman for not trying anything and he said to me “Its not the time or place for that, this is your family reunion”. And I immediately fell again, I grabbed his arm and took him back around the road to kiss him again. Gosh I was falling hard.

So when we came back, everybody and their momma knew we had been walking around the road and of course we had to plead our innocence. He was so nervous and all he kept saying was “You’re going to get me killed.” He’s such a sweetheart. We came back and watched my family act a fool in the pavilion and he just laughed his ass off, it was so much fun. They sang me happy birthday, Leo directed it. Mikey got jealous because I poured him more liquor than I gave him lol. Aunt Margret put Leo on blast when he went into the house, and she says to him “There go Bro and there go his sister” and everybody started laughing. My Leo was so uncomfortable but thats how my family is, its all Love.

So we were sitting out on my porch and he told me he told Bro that I was grinding on his leg the first night we were together. I wasn’t mad but I just couldn’t believe he put me on blast like that. So when it was time for us to go I took his hand and stood up to go and he wouldn’t get up because he thought I was mad. I knew then that he’s the peace that I needed in my life. No drama. Just Love. So he said he would never tell our intimate secrets to Bro and we got a room and spent the night together…no sex but lord did we kiss, spoon and grind. He loved my back massage…I just went all out on my baby back until he couldn’t take it no more. He told me like he did before that he didn’t want me to leave but I definitely didn’t want to do the walk of shame. So he held me and just as I was about to go to sleep he gently turned my face to look into his eyes and he told me he loved me. I was so surprised because I couldn’t really tell what he was thinking or how he felt about me. I didn’t say it then because I tried not to get too into him but its obvious he felt the same way I did. Well I spent the night with him, we were both fully clothed with him holding me.

July 5:

I woke up and went home and got dressed because Jennifer had took Bro’s keys the previous night, so I had to go get the keys so I could bring the car back. When Leo came back home with me, he came inside and said hey to mom and thats when he gave me his jersey off his back.

Still I am just speechless and don’t know how to take this guy because I’m so use to just “normal” relations with men but he really stole my heart. We kissed, of course he’s kissing me with his eyes open because he scares, and finally we said goodbye.

I thought that was the end but I sent him a text and told Bro to tell him that I loved him too and that I wanted to see him before he left. He came back smiling that smile of his while I was lying on a beach chair outside. He comes up and I sit up straight and start to fix my hair lol. Everyone starts laughing and he’s just smiling. I get up to go into the house, but I have to get Bro to get him to follow me and I give him my dragonfly necklace and tell him I loved him.

Lord when he left did the children tease me. Hiding his jersey and everything. Lil Tasia even nicknamed him Jersey boy lol. Mikey explained to me how Leo had been talking earlier how he’d never give his jersey to anyone and he found it weird that I had it now. It meant a lot to him and he gave it to me. Wow that’s a first.

July 6:

He calls as promised and I find out that he was born on my father’s birthday 8/5/79. We all think that’s special and we have been on cloud nine ever since. I don’t know what the future holds for us but he touched my heart and I am happy to have met such a beautiful soul. Thank you Leo for not letting the world change you so I could get a chance to experience such beauty. I love you baby. :-)

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