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La Douleur Exquise

I saw this and the tears that I wanted to cry all this weekend finally came, the release is what I needed. I Love this man so much and to let “us” go absolutely breaks my heart in two.

I only wanted “us” but I don’t have the physical strength to endure. The stress of trying to hold on is literally eating my body to pieces. I wish he’d want me as much too and then I wouldn’t have to try so hard. I wish he could see my beauty and I wouldn’t have to shine so bright. Now I see you can’t make someone open their eyes to you. Either they will see you and honor you, or they won’t.

So here I sit with this contraption plugged up and draped around my neck to massage the stress related pain in my neck away, wish they made one for my heart because it hurts so bad I don’t know how anyone stands it. He has my heart…I only wanted him…forget this other guy…He has my heart…I gave it to you…I cant…

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