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Is Romance Dead?

People keep telling me, “What you’re looking for just doesn’t exist?”, “You’re crazy”, “You’re dreaming”. What they’re refering to…romance. Maybe I am delusional huh? I don’t even know how I even exist, I should be mad at the world but I’m hopeful. I say, if I’m out there looking for this Fantasy then my opposite also has to be right?

And I’m not talking about flowers and candy and all that other bull. I’m talking about that po’ folks Love. When you ain’t got nothing but two pennies to rub together but when he/she enters the room they can still give your heart palpitations. If you had to give it all up for the money and the “finer” things in life you would still choose them. THAT’s what I’m talking about. But does that type of thinking even exist but in my head?

Are any of you out there truly happy in the “relationships” you have or are you all just settling?

To the brothers, are you just looking to run the earth sewing your Royal oats and then looking to settle down when you old and decrepit and only a few years left to live? I hate to put it like that but I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen an old black man. Wouldn’t you want to experience real Love instead of settling with a young un’ who only feeds you Mickey D’s, can’t cook or clean and only dream is to wait until you die to collect your insurance?

And to us sisters, aren’t you tired of just looking for what you can get out of men? What about what you have to offer other than your body? What about your mind? Ooooh, ya tired of wondering where he been all night and who he been with right? I hear ya, but does he treat you well? Does he provide for the family? Does he keep you safe? Does he put it down in the bedroom? Yes? Then what the hell are you complaining about?! Stop looking to control everything and everybody, you’re a mother to your children not him.

We truly need to get ourselves together so the heartache and heartbreak these sisters and brothers are enduring ends and Love can manifest itself.

But brother I’m hopeful you’re out there…but until then…

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