Introducing The Savior – Part III

I was being awakened.
It was The Savior. Wow he was still here and he didn’t leave me. Not only did he not leave, here was this gorgeous man playing with my clit. Mmmmm this man still had more to give.
And so it begins…
He pulled me down to him and I’ll never forget the look in his eyes, if someone could have painted the eyes of a god they should of painted his in that moment. (Ladies if you get a chance to experience him or have experienced him, you’ll know what I mean.) I was almost afraid of the look he gave, but in a good way. And as Im looking into his eyes he wets his finger and then rubs the wetness on my clit. #CUM and as he’s massaging my clit he pushes inside me again and greets me good morning again. Rubbing my clit and fucking me at the same time. And I start calling on Jeezus and God again. “Oh Lord” “Oh Jeezus” “Oh Fuck” and he smiles, a smile of like “Yeah I know that shit is good” and before I could cum again I forced myself to stop, crazy I know but I was not about to have shit for brains this early in the morning. So I turn around and he begins to hit me from the back…
Lord have mercy, mistake. DIRECT contact. And I start calling on Jeezus again and this time he says in the deepest most huskiest voice you can imagine (you know The Savior’s voice)…
“Oh you like calling on Jeezus huh? Oh I’ll be Jeezus too.”
I dont know if it was the tone of his voice, the energy behind it or him saying that he’d become any entities name I called out. I dont know what it was but Im cuming and he keeps stroking and then he starts talking to me, if I could remember what he said I would express it. Ya’ll I wasn’t in my right mind. And I sensed he was about to cum and I pulled away from him and turned around and began sucking his dick. Finally he was in my mouth and I was sucking and I dont know if I surprised him or what but he seemed shocked and I sucked his dick as if the fountain of youth was in it and when he came his cum even tasted good. I Loved the taste of him and instead of stopping I began to suck more until he started saying “Whoooooooooa hold on, give me a minute” And he starts laughing and I start laughing and he falls back on the bed and exclaims “Sharron! Girl!” and when he starts to rise again I commence to start giving him head again, I didn’t wait and gosh we had so much fun, we ended up fucking AGAIN, 69ing, we just had a ball. And to say I gave The Savior my A game would be a lie, The Savior mastered that pussy. He is the champ. I didn’t even have a chance to make him really weak like I know I can. That Scorpio doesn’t rise for nothing
After we were both spent, we got both showered and dressed. He had to go and I knew I was going to miss him. He hugged me and I hugged him back so tightly. He walked away, turned around and said my name, shook his head, came back for another hug (oh yes, thank you, thank you), smiled and left.
Soon as the door closed I just fell back on the bed. What in the world just happened here, I lie there just staring at the ceiling. Thankful that this man had been so merciful to me. Words couldn’t even express how I was feeling and then the phone rang.
It was The Savior.
He’s still here and he’s letting me know that they are serving breakfast downstairs and if I wanted to join him? Uhm shit yeah! I put on my shoes and race downstairs to meet him. He had waited for me, he hadn’t even began eating, so we chose our food and sat down and talked and Im sure I thanked him for being so gracious and he smiles and says something clever and we smile and enjoy breakfast. As we finish, I realize once again that he has to go and lord this man must sense what Im thinking and we walk outside together to his car and then we sit and talk some more. Yes it was everything a girl could ever ask for so when he tells me he truly has to go, I begin to open the door to walk back to the hotel and he tells me, “No I’ll drive you back,” OMG!!! So he drives me back the little ways to the hotel and I hug him one last time and I want to cry because he just doesn’t know that this is the kindest and gentlest (even though he fucked my brains out) a man had been to me in a long time. The Savior showed me that day what was possible, what I could manifest. This was last year in November. I haven’t slept with a man since.
And today as I thought of the need to release my fears and my desire to attract quality men in my life who are kind, honest, beasts in bed and who kept their word I thought of him and decided to write it all out so not only could he know how he shifted me but to release my fears by openly telling all who read how he did so.
“What would you do if you weren’t afraid Sharron?”
Let the world know how this man blessed me that day. The Savior gave me an experience of a lifetime and I am so very thankful.

To The Savior? I didn’t get a chance to really make your toes curl so hopefully you were as pleased with me as I was with you. Thank you god. Hey? Amen

;-) ♥

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