Introducing The Savior – Part II

I forgot to mention in Part I that while I was begging this man with everything I had not to leave, and doing everything but say it. I also wanted to know if he’d just fuck me and dump me on the side of the road. That’s another thing I just couldn’t deal with, but how do you articulate such a weakness in thought? How can I say “You wont dump me and tell me to leave will you?” Where’s the power in that?
So I had to fix it to make myself seem more in control and powerful and when he stated he’d drop by later, I asked, “Not for sex right?” And his response was “No not at all, nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.” And that was fine with me, thats what I needed to hear.
…and when he appeared at my door I gladly let him in. The Savior and I hadn’t even shared a kiss up to this point so you could cut the tension with a knife! I dont know if this is what men would call playing hard to get or what, but I wanted him so bad and at the same time scared to have him. I was afraid of the cost of his dick. Would he get needy and clingy once we slept together? Would he act like he didn’t even know me afterwards? I dont know but I didn’t want to be a “number” and as bad as I wanted him, I just wouldn’t let myself partake until I was 1000% sure.
So we talk for awhile and he tells me he’s going to spend the night. Really The Savior? Eureka!! I get to cuddle with him all night??!? I couldn’t wait! Inside it felt like my birthday, externally I know I must of appeared cool as a cucumber. Im sure The Savior wasn’t even sure what I was thinking either.
And then he got undressed…honey? This man is fine and he had a real live breathing six-pack!!! And I’ve never been with a guy thats been out of shape in my eyes but never had I seen a CLEARLY defined six pack like his before in my life so when he got into bed I cuddled up close to him, all under his arm (yes like a cat) and I smelled him. I took him all in. I appreciated his firmness, he was so hard and tight and I traced his six pack with my little fingers. I was truly intrigued by his abs. I traced and asked him questions about his exercise regime and he answered my questions. I traced his pecs and abs, up and down with my fingers with so much curiosity and suddenly I heard him say “Come here…”
Wait, What I do? O.o
He leaned over and he kissed me, for the first time that night. He did. He kissed, or should I say he made love, to my lips. I dont know what magic he was working but it completely relaxed every single part of my body. All the tension I felt went away. He was disarming me and I wanted him to and suddenly I didn’t care. I needed this, I hadn’t had this in such a while and I took everything in, the smell of ginger on his breath and the sweetness of it, the subtle way he sucked and traced my lips with his tongue. And he didn’t stop with his love-play on my lips he sucked and kissed my cheeks, my neck, my ears and traced his tongue down to my nipples and suckled. I was dying slowly inside, every part of me that was hurting was being healed by this man and then he was removing my underwear, my last barrier of “protection”, and…anticipation…he began to eat my pussy.
This man is now between my thighs sucking and licking on my clit and lips with slow, intentional, precision. He knew what he was doing and I pray he didn’t stop. I need this, I needed his tongue, I needed his dick…listen I needed everything and he was giving it to me and he didn’t make me ask or beg. He knew what I needed and I was thankful. The sucking and slurping sounds were melodic and before I even knew what was happening I was cuming. And as I came he knew, instinctively, to only suck and nibble just a little and very lightly. Such a gentleman. And as he slowly began to rise I simply whispered “Please”. As he was pushing himself inside me I heard him moan and my orgasm intensified.
And daddy has that long stroke, lord have mercy, and he’s stroking inside of me, each thrust knocking to let the next orgasm know it was time to release itself. It was all too much for me, I just wasn’t ready. And as he stroked, I cried, he stroked and I cried it became our theme and the more I cried his dick demanded more orgasms from me. He’d not have it any other way. He stayed close, in my ear, talking to me, speaking some foreign language?, confirming my name, moaning and all I could utter was Jeezus. Thats all I had. Im not even religious but I called on Jeezus and God for most of that night. And then he put me on top of him to ride him…
I know Im quick when it comes to riding but I wanted to do something, I wanted to try to give him something. No thanks his body replied and within seconds he demanded an orgasm from me and made me cum all over him again…and again. He fucked me until I didn’t have a thought in my head, damn near could remember my name. That night until early the next morning he made me forget all the pain that plagued me. Not one thing did he accept from me that night…but oh when morning broke…it was time for the Sharron show…

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