Introducing The Savior – Part I

I want to post about is my experience with The Savior. The Savior and I had been talking on and off for some time, nothing serious and I don’t even remember if we flirted or not. All I know is that he said he would be in Birmingham and I told him I’d love to meet him.
Gosh this man came RIGHT on time, I hadn’t been intimate with my ex in months and I so needed to be held. And only a few days prior I was wandering the streets of a foreign city searching for my “man” who had just stolen my car with my purse in it. That trip ended with me scared for my life rushing to get to the airport and behind the security screen check so he couldn’t get to me. I had a rough week before and I don’t know what The Savior’s intentions were but I knew I needed a HUGE hug, at least. We never talked about doing anything else, just meeting and kicking it.
When I met him, he did not disappoint. And before he even invited me in, he came outside to greet me. And I got my hug! I said if I didn’t get anything else I was going to get my hug and I held him and he didn’t let me go until I finally let him go. And then he smelled good and his body was so firm beneath mines. I felt so safe. Once we were inside I met his little son and the rest of his folks which I was so nervous about. I had on these holy jeans and thought I wasn’t dressed appropriately, cute I think, but not appropriate, but he assured me and never left me alone and was right beside me. And then came the first highlight…
CUDDLING!!! *giggle*
OMG I was on him like a cat! You know how cats be all up in your throat trying to cuddle, all on your keyboard, when they want attention? That was me, I was ON. HIM! And I don’t know if he knew (oh lord Im starting to cry) how much I needed that but he held me for a long time, longer than I had been held as an adult female and it was only a couple hours. We laughed about his arm going to sleep but still he held me. And then I heard him talking about leaving to visit someone and I didn’t want him to leave, I didn’t want to go and I guess he heard my thoughts so he dragged me along with him to meet more of his people. And they all were so cool and welcoming it was just beautiful. I have disliked being around groups of people I don’t know but his people were just cool and once again I felt safe. And then he would come to check to see if I was OK. It was just surreal. And he opens doors! The man actually opened every door, the car door, the gates, the house doors, all of them. *le sigh* It was the stuff every girl would dream of in a first date, and this wasn’t even a date. This was just The Savior being The Savior.
So the night started to come to an end and I remember sitting in his car, about to be in hysterics crying from him having to leave. And I felt so bad because I knew he had to go for real this time but I didn’t want him to go, I needed his energetic presence SO BAD, I dont even think I ever told him ANY of this, well he knows now (and its ok I asked him if I could post :-) ). And he kept asking me what I wanted to do but I didn’t want to come out and say it, I wanted him to (oh lord crying again) want me and I have no clue of if a man wants you or not except to say it. I don’t know what he was thinking but I wanted him to give me permission to have him. I wanted him to gift me, I wasn’t going to ask for it and it was killing me inside that I wouldn’t. So I finally told him goodnight and told him where I was staying, he asked if it was ok if he dropped by later and I said OK.
I really didn’t expect to hear from him and so I got my final hug, got in my car and drove away. Thinking that once again I missed my opportunity to let myself be loved.
When I got to the hotel I got myself adjusted, took a bath and got into bed, then the phone rang…it was The Savior. The sound of his voice in that moment made my pussy tingle and come alive…

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