Introducing the Knight: I MUST Write About Him

I have been wrong about alot of men in my life. I have been so wrong, so often I actually stopped writing much, if anything, about any new person I meet. They’d always introduce me to their representative, the facade, and when they knew I was falling…here comes the real person, usually hurt, angry and in no space to be in a relationship with anyone. They needed to heal. They needed professional help and I am just not in position to be a mother or a punching bag to men ever again in my life.  However, the gentleman I’ve met recently transcends any experience Ive had with a man to date and even if it ends tonight, I’d still feel honored to have witnessed this man so I MUST write about…the Knight.

First things first, he’s so damn sexy its ridiculous, and the brother trusts to wear cowboy boots around ME, not knowing I have a grand fetish for western attire. He worked the absolute HELL out of those boots. The fit of his jeans, the shirt, the jacket…perfection *muah*. Bravo honey! Being around him on this latest date was almost unbearable. After we parted, the next day, I just prayed to God and “them”, “Give me strength.” lol. His masculine energy is a perfect compliment to my feminine and with him I am completely relaxed, purrs and all.

We’ve been on 4 dates so far and with each one I become more and more enamored by this man. I only prayed for a man who was emotionally available, psychologically sound, independent, kind and open minded, thats all I cared for, doesn’t seem like much but its RARE when a man possesses these qualities now. The Knight owns all of these qualities plus he is also intelligent, chivalrous, attentive, thoughtful, complimentary, spiritual and is the epitome of righteous masculine energy.

Last night he took me out to dinner again but this time he picked me up in his WHITE Dodge Ram double cab (not knowing I think its the sexiest truck ever made lol) and of course he opens the door for me and helps me enter and exit. Next, we have dinner and we’re seated at this huge booth, he moves around to be closer to me, and smiles. Lord if he couldn’t speak a word, that smile of his would always melt my heart. When he smiles, his eyes smile and it lights up his entire face. One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this lifetime. Another thing I will always remember is him leaning close to me, next to my ear, and says…”The way your sweater is falling off of your shoulder is so sexy.” And? He smiles. (smh…this is hard to write lol) When we were almost done with dinner, he says to me “I’ve got you now”. And Im a bit taken aback and ask what he means, he says “You’re with me now so I have you for as long as I want.” I smile and Im thinking to myself, “Sounds good to me.” We leave early this time, usually we stay an extended amount of time or leave when the restaurant is about to close.  What happens after this will forever be the experience by which I will judge every other man if this doesn’t work out…

We shared so much of ourselves with each other and tonight he took me into his world. He wanted to show me a view of his past. First, he takes me to the church where he worked that sits on a hill. He finds a spot on top of the hill so that we could watch the sun set. We sit and talk awhile and all of a sudden he says “I know what I want to show you” and he points to this building off in the distance. Now I’ve seen this building from my balcony and always wondered about it but had no earthly idea what it was. He tells me more about the structure and says, “Do you want to see it?” I answer “Yes” and he takes me for a drive to our town’s Air Force base (he’s retired military a Sapper).

So we drive onto the base, and by this time the sun has set. He takes me to the highest point. Parks… and honey…the view is absolutely spectacular.

The building is so grand and its lit up and glowing white along with all the surrounding buildings, the mountains are to the west and to the east the city lights. I could cry just thinking about it now. It was so absolutely beautiful and I felt so at peace with him. And we just talk…not talk…it doesn’t seem to fit what we do. Mmmmm, we explore the depths of each other’s mind, looking at each other at the soul level and ask thoughtful questions with the help of my Relationship and Intimacy decks. He is also learning more about astrology so I explain to him how his natal chart is a blueprint for his life and I also point him to the heavens with Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars making a rare alignment in the sky. (smh thinking about it right now…just so beautiful.) I could of stayed there all night with him, actually, wherever he is I have no problem being. Oh and are you ready for this? This was a Wednesday night. If you know me I do NOT do anything on week nights however with him? I am so happy to see his face (seeing his face in my mind and smiling) and feel his presence its as if an honor for the experience. Oh sorry lol I digress again. We couldn’t stay long, he had to prepare for a flight to Philadelphia and needed to teach his niece to protect herself and the family while he was away so we had to leave. As he’s driving away, he smiles and says “I bet that’s the first time you’ve gone to a make-out spot and didn’t make-out”. And we both laugh but you know whats strange…

Not only was it my first time at such a beautiful spot with a man, but my mind wasn’t even on anything of the sorts…I was truly enjoying his company. I feel physical intimacy would of cheapened that experience at the time. It was the perfect time and space to be in awe of God’s creation and each other. We continue home, however he says “Im going to take the long way, I want to spend as much time as possible with you.” (smh this man…Im writing this and stopping and just shaking my head at how wonderful this man has been thus far).

Im definitely not wanting to leave him but we’re at my place and he parks and walks me to the door. I asked him if he wanted to come into my apartment to look around, he answers “Sure” and we proceed upstairs. I walk in and of course remove my shoes and he asks should he remove his. “Sir don’t you dare. You trot around in this apartment wherever you want to with those boots on.” (I have such a fetish omg lol). So he loves the place and compliments the design however I know he has to go so I walk him to the door and then…it happened…the first time I fully let myself receive energy from a man without doing a single thing.

We’re close and we hug. He gives the best hugs however it was the usual departure greeting. I don’t want him to go and when we complete our hug I rest back with both hands in each of my back pockets. We’re looking into each other eyes and smiling, no talking. Then he reaches out to hug me but this time I dont reach to hug him back. I just let myself be hugged. And honey? This man hugged me like no other man has EVER hugged me and Im 44 years old. He holding me. He finds the point in my sweater that has my back exposed and he caresses my back. He kisses my neck and he breathes into my ear and moans. And Im taking all of him into me, every sound and feeling and when he pulls away? I swear I was about to literally faint. (pausing to take in the moment again)….

I laugh and say “Ewwww honey” and he laughs and says he has to go and out of the door and to the elevator he goes. I know because I’m watching, real predatory lol, he looks back at me and sees me checking him out and then he begins to walk towards me and says in the most seductive voice and smile and says “What do you want?”

I scream out…”YOU….YOU….What do you mean? Do you have to ask?!? YOU YOU YOU”….in my mind.

I simply smile and he smiles back, standing in front of me, fine as F*CK omg. The elevator dings and opens and he looks back at me once more, smiles before entering the elevator…leaving me for the night.

Intoxicating. He’s a walking addiction. Im constantly thinking about him, always on my mind. And as I’ve told my friends, I am going to enjoy the time I have been given with this man to the fullest extent. He has raised the bar the highest its ever been in my life, so high its surreal. He is a King…who humbles himself as The Knight…a shining example of fierce passion, loyalty and righteousness. I adore him.

To be continued.


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