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In the Rain. Part I

inrainI just had a dream that I was standing outside in the rain, talking to him. I was outside alone, while he was inside. As I talked to him from outside in the rain, he would come outside, just to the porch, to speak to me and then he’d go back inside again. Why he wouldn’t he come to me? I just stood outside in the rain. Naked…my body, mind and spirit, longing to be with him, hoping, wishing, praying that HE would just stop this foolishness and come home to me. Why wouldn’t he come inside…outside?

And he walks back inside again. And then I wonder, with it raining so hard out here why does he keep leaving his door open. “This man” I say to myself. So here I am standing outside in the rain, it gets cold so a sheet magically appears and I place it around my body but it’s of no consequence…the rain is making it stick to every single part of my body and I begin to shiver.

I think of walking inside but he’s rejected me for so long it would just break my heart to go inside and be rejected again…I want to come inside…I want to come inside….I want…to come…inside. I didn’t even realize that as I was saying those words my feet were moving, guiding me, towards the door. I stand at the threshold and there is nothing but darkness. I pray that he does not turn me away again, I wouldn’t be able to bare it.

I step inside and I see him, sitting on the couch with his hand on his forehead as if he’s deep in thought. He does not acknowledge me, he does not come to me. I slowly get that sinking feeling inside but it doesn’t prevent me from moving closer to him (he still does not look up) and closer still (his head is still down) until I am right at his feet. I sit down next to him and I slide close so that he can feel me…I want him to know every part of me…there is no need fo…

And just like that he turns to me, I see his eyes, I feel his entire being, he leans toward me, places both hands tenderly on the side of my face, his lips touch mines and immediately, my body, the body having the dream goes into orgasm.

Every single time I have a dream of this man it never gets further than a kiss before my body starts to convulsing and I have to wake up to attend to it. I’ve had the most electrifying orgasms in my dreams. Women don’t realize that you don’t have to be touched to go into orgasm, you could have one at the slightest thought or memory and put yourself to sleep. The power this man has over my body is extraordinary, in the dream world and out. “She” can just hear his voice and “she” goes crazy. With this man, you can talk all you want about what you’re going to do and not do but let him close to you? The next thing you’ll be doing is looking for your panties…and unsuccessfully finding them. *smile*

Right now, as I write this, my body is still having orgasms…and I’m letting her. She misses him…I do to…so as I am, in my orgasmic state, I’ll continue the dream as I would if my body was strong enough to resist him.

My body is exploding and I can barely stand it. I feel his tongue, exploring

(I feel like I’m about to pass out, I can’t finish it…LOL, I’m sorry ya’ll I need to let this flow LOL, I’m making this Part I, tune in for part II)

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