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If I was God I’d Cry too…

If I was God I’d cry too
Shedding tears that turn to comets
And wash the world with painful tears
To see these beings, so capable of greatness
And the destruction they have brought instead

If I was God I’d bleed so deep
To see one man destroy another in hate
Like a waterfall of pure astonishment
Why do you not see what is here for you all?
Respect what has been placed here for you to cherish

If I was God I’d pray for the world
So that change may one day actually occur
So that man loves beast, and this gift of a world
And nature is a heavenly garden, like Eden on Earth
And one may walk beneath the stars, and look up

If I was God I’d cry too
And my tears would turn to smiles
To see a few struggle in such a corrupted well
Trapped, but still fighting fully to reach the top
And show the world that there is hope for mankind


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