I feel like running away again

I feel like running away again. Once again I feel like people don’t want my light to shine or maybe they’re moths to a flame. I don’t know. I just feel my life is so much bigger than this and I’m trapped in hell. There is no purpose to this life. I am currently living, there is no joy, happiness or depth. I’m just on a conveyor belt and nothing surronds me but chaos. Gosh I wish I had balls, I would just leave and leave only a note to prove my existence. As early as I could remember, there was this feelings. I tried to deal with it with isolation but now I know I need relocation and disassociation. Imma do it watch! Maybe Canada or Africa. I should email Oprah and ask if I could personally teach class there. I would leave ASAP.

Gosh I went to the Oprah site and filled out an email about being a teacher in Africa and I couldn’t do it.

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