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Hesey Ramus Emkhet: Black Love

Hesey Ramus Emkhet: Black Love

I’m bare, naked
She is the moment of truth
You see I could never be, never exist without her, my love
Doves cry, vultures swarm around the dead
Life is a blessing, a gift, a present in the present
A warm presence is felt when she is near
So close to heaven when touches from her fingertips touch my soul
Kiss me all over, make sure this night last a lifetime
A lifetime of clips with you on my mind
You are my God, I worship no one except for the supreme

Tears fall like waterfalls, legs criss-crossed around my back
I lunge into her, sparks given off, orgasms form new galaxies
She takes me there
To another place that I’ve never seen before
There is peace, I look into her eyes
We lay in a bed of pure Ecstasy
Mortals this is how your world was created by a woman and a man

A freestyle gift to me by Hesey Ramus Emkhet since I was so enamored by his poem “Long Before the Word Called Love” from his book “When God was a Mystery”

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