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He’s got me love stoned…and I think that he knows

Gotdamn this P. Hud, I’m so love stoned over this guy. I was at least able to work today. I told him I was gonna stop all my advances towards him because he said he had a girlfriend…but then he invites me to lunch? I can’t read this guy at all. I’m not going to write too much about him I think I told enough people how crazy he makes me.

Oh did I tell you I think JT wants to sleep w/ me? I had a dream he made me put my hands down his pants. The next day he wore a blue shirt and John wore a green shirt just like I dreamed. He also looked at me while standing extremely close to me and smiled…so much so I asked him what and he smiled again and said nothing. Weird right?! I know I think so too.

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