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Grown Folks Love

Monogamous relationships can be a beautiful thing. In my previous relationship, I was open and honest about my feelings about other men. He also knew that I talked to other men other than him. When I needed “special” attention, I had not only him but my male and female friends to talk to. I however have made a personal and conscious decision to share my body with only one person at a time. Call it serial monogamy call it whatever you want. It is my choice. I’m not stupid or closed minded for making that decision. It is a choice period. We should be free to live our lives however we wish regardless of how others may perceive it.

Was I open to him sharing himself with other women, yes. He is a grown man. I have no control over his private parts. I only asked that he not deny my existence and that we talk about things because that would of been new territory for me and I think for him as well. Sexually, men are givers, women…receivers, and I am not emotionally, spiritually or physically choosing to receive more than one man’s sexual energy at a time. I just won’t do it. I’d imagine for me it’d make me bat shit crazy receiving all of that energy, I have hard enough time dealing with my own.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Have sex with whomever you wish, feel great about your decisions. Everyone should. But should we take a position of superiority because we are living our life one way while others aren’t? When we do that, I feel we make our lifestyles into a religion. And in order for a religion to work, there must be followers. Why is this even necessary?

When we really get things right? Who we sleep with and our sexual habits should be of no concern to anyone but ourselves and our partners.

Be who you are free to be. And to me? That’s grown folks Love.

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