Love’s Chronicles – Entry #79: Google: “What is heartbreak”

open-heartOnly I would Google “What is heartbreak” in attempt to logically try to understand what happens when we “lose” (by whatever means) someone we Love. The feeling of “heartbreak” is so unique, and it consistently feels the same…a feeling of pressure at your heart as if there is “something” there that needs to be released. I’ve had 35 years on this earth and I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times and I must say that this time I can not shake. I could be working and the “feeling” happens, talking and enjoying conversation with someone and it happens again. No where I run, no where I hide have I been free of this feeling. I had to figure out what was going on with me.

In my opinion, having this throbbing feeling at your heart is so inconvenient when I have so much work to do. And every time I feel it, its always a reminder of what was. Every time I had the feeling, I would always think to myself, “I wish I knew what this was and why this happens so I can make it stop.” I read many author’s attempts to explain it but nothing resonated with me. So tonight (early this morning) I was on a mission for some answers so I asked the question…”What is heartbreak?”

“Love Can Never Be Made Safe” – Susan Piver

After all I’ve read and experienced, those words above resonated with me the most. And it so true for me. Love can never be safe because in order for us to grow Love has to give us doses of both sunshine (“good” times) and rain (“bad” times). In our experience with Love, we will eventually realize that there will NEVER be a time that we will not experience rain in Love…never. Just because we’re having a “bad” experience does not mean that it is not the gift of Love helping us to grow. There is nothing we did wrong, there is nothing we can do to change what must be. And what must be? For all of us to increase our capacity to Love. We need to open ourselves even more after the “lose”.  The “heartbreak”, that pressure, that feeling in my chest that I experience after I “lose” someone I Love? The “feeling” I wish would go away? Wants to be released, expanded and shared with others. The same Love and intensity I showed this one person in my life, in my opinion, the world is begging me to share it with others.

“We won’t become one with the universe if we refuse to share ourselves with others. When we touch one, we touch All. We are the beauty in the day. So let’s build our day from the inside out.” – Me

So where do we begin? I think we only have to give the order, “Love, I open myself to you.” I don’t think there is anything else that need be done. I truly believe it is that simple because my truth is that we do not have a defined path or a defined experience, my truth is that we are constantly changing and experiencing and growing. My truth embraces that our only limitations are the ones we impose upon ourselves. And when we attempt to make Love flow to a specific person or thing, we will always experience “heartbreak”. Why? Because it is “I” who is attempting force our will on Love.

Let’s say Love is a river flowing through us. Why would one build a cannel so that the river flows to only one place? Why would we allow it into ourselves, not utilize it, and attempt to flow it to a specific person or thing?  If we have something so important and vital as Love running through our veins, its important that we open ourselves completely to where ever it needs to go for our growth as One. No one person can define what this manifestation will look like. Opening ourselves to Love can manifest itself in an infinite number of ways. Beware of anyone telling you what your Love experience should be like for you, they are just attempting to control Love’s flow, however cleverly. How they have opened themselves to Love may not be the way you open yourself to Love. What we need to experience? Love knows…and when it resonates with us it feels right. It will flow with no effort in sunshine and rain. So tonight, *smile* this morning, here is my prayer,


Love, I open myself to you. I am ready to embrace Love in all Its glory. Help me to embrace your Will even if I do not yet understand.

Feel free to replace the word “Love” with God/Allah/Jesus/Buddah/Universe/Creator/Energy/etc because…

“Love is a word. What is important is the connection that that word implies.” –Rama-Kandra (The Matrix)

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT repeat this prayer unless you are willing to accept the consequences of it. Once the flood gates are open, it will be hard to turn back. I haven’t had a prayer that wasn’t answered yet, so be very careful with your prayers because the one I just gave feels VERY powerful.


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