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Love’s Chronicles – Entry #88: God Speaks, Do You Listen?

listeningI must admit that I was quite sheltered and protected growing up. I didn’t go out, didn’t talk on the phone much, only really watched cartoons. I was a faithful watcher of PBS. I believed everything was sprinkles and I lost myself in my books. I stayed in the house and didn’t really get much street sense until a couple years ago.

But one thing I will tell you is that God/Universe/Spirit/Higher Self has always had my back. Every single time I was in any danger (big or small) I received visions and heard voices and I saw what would happen down to the clothes the people would have on. Just this recently I had a vision that was more of a dream but it disturbed me and I called my mom for analysis. And do you know that dream played out exactly today as we both prophesied it would. As I was sobbing to her about the events that unfolded she just reminded me of my dream and told me “God got you back” you don’t have anything to worry about it anything. Its not over yet, the other person will be revealed to you.

Y’all I tell you, I ain’t nobody special but I tell you once again that when you are able to have time alone in quiet God/Universe/Spirit/Higher Self will speak to you. No preacher no prophet or no psychic has more of a gift than we all were given it’s just that certain people namely psychics and mediums are just more in tuned.

Y’all God/Universe/Spirit/Higher Self is speaking to you, are you listening? Will you even be able to hear? I ask that you be still, you will hear clearly what messages are waiting for you.

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