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Gate 57 – The Psychic Gate

Reaffirmed I’m not crazy with my Human Design Chart. Gate 57 “The Psychic Gate” is active in both me and my brother.

I remember my brother got mad at me once and said “I hope you go down the road and hit a deer”…within 30 mins? Went down the road and hit a deer lol. Got to be careful not to put “the mouth” on folks in anger bro lol

I don’t have this but i found this interesting, if you have any combination of Gates 61, 64 and 63 defined in your Head Center you have had many prophetic visions.

This is cool, thank you PB for helping me understand this, even though you had only been introduced to it a few hours previously lol (He has the genius channel 23/43 defined and 61/64 gates defined, he is a force honey)

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