Focus on the Game, not on Winning!

working-mom-playing-basketball-with-sonYesterday my little nephew whopped my ass real bad in basketball. He bragged the entire time…I enjoy a confident man *smile*.

So today I was determined to do MY best. I didn’t let the trash talking get to me and game after game I won. I noticed that my nephew was getting frustrated, he wanted to win so bad that his shots were going wild. So I said to him, “If your goal is to beat me you’ll never win, focus on doing your absolute best and playing a good game.” He says OK, inhales & exhales, and IMMEDIATELY he starts making all of his shots, nothing but net and he won that last game. After playing 7 games, ole’ “Auntie” was tired and as I was walking away he said, “Thank you for telling me that Auntie, I wish you would of said it sooner.” And I responded, “Of course I’m going to tell you because I want you to be your best.” I didn’t think he needed the advice until I saw it in his eyes. Good game Jaylon Bro. <3

Doing What I Can

I use to get down at the fact that I couldn’t give my nephew all the things I wanted him to have. Focus on “I”. But what I can give him is my time and attention in a sport he loves to play. I think more than anything he will remember the times we played ball together and the times we spent together. Jaylon really doesn’t care about material things, and he does have his fair share, he cares about the time spent with him. I think that may perhaps be his little Love language. Awwwwh.

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