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Fears vs Warnings

Question: I went out to my trailer today to get some art supplies. I have gone to this trailer hundreds of times but upon unlocking the trailer today I saw a sign I had never paid attention to “Do not enter trailer, trailer may over turn”. I noticed and said “Humph, I never noticed that sign before.” And it stuck with me. I entered the trailer crawling, apparently today I was afraid to stand up. That had never happened before. But what I did was say Asherah Amyas why are you creating this and I stood up and erased the fear and walked in and out of the trailer as normal. Then all of a sudden I felt the trailer begin to fall and I just stood still and said in my mind “Damn I pushed it to the side and it was a warning”. What the trailer did is settle into itself and it fell backwards and leveled out.

Now my question is this. How do we understand paranoid fear as a opposed to justified fear? Or was it in fact something I created upon even entering the trailer? I find this quite interesting. Because I have gone into that trailer before completely pissed off and fuming and never noticed that sign until today.

Answer: Fear is an emotion, a warning is a knowing. Fear involves other emotions of anger, shame, any low energy awareness. A warning is simply information that you have ignored or forgotten coming back to your intuitive awareness, Being that we “know” all things and we simply remember events as we go through our soul’s journey. – Timothy J Glenn.

Analysis: 100% of the time my fear has always been there. Like my previous fear of heights. So when I get on a bridge I know its not a warning its a fear. But a warning is if you have never had a fear like of ice cream. And something says to you one day when someone serves you ice cream. “Don’t eat that”. It makes you take notice because it was never there before. Thats the warning. And when continue to act upon the warning thats when it becomes a fear and then we are confused. Its just like Oprah described it, its like a “Humph, thats odd”.

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