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Fasting Dreams…

Dream #1

Had a dream that I was in some sort of room with a group of people. Rakh was sitting in a lounge chair and he asked me out for drinks. I came over to him and sat on the arm of the chair and we were just smiling and laughing. KK comes in and says “Sharron are you ready?” And I say, Oh Rakh I’m so sorry KK invited me for drinks first and I forgot. I’m sorry. He looks sad but says OK. So we go out for drinks and then it gets weird. We are in a restaurant and a few other people are at the table and we are just talking. All of a sudden KK jumps up and runs home, apparently someone broke into her house and we are all there trying to find out where they are because an advanced security monitor told us another person was in the home.

Dream #2

A lady comes by our place where me, my brother and mother are living. It’s really small and run down. We come in and mom is sitting in a chair with clothes folded everywhere. She came to administer a test to me but Bro keeps on bothering me and just won’t let me take the test. I’m constantly being distracted.

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