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Erotica: Welcome Home

“What a day…”

I have been at work all day. As I pull into the driveway the street lights come on. Oh well, so much for errands, and it’s a good thing because all I want to do is take a hot bath, play with my Kitty and go to sleep.

Finally, I’m home. As I walk through the door, I am anticipating Munchin’s nuzzling against my legs. And as usual, there is my little man in his little kitty tuxedo greeting me at the door. I immediately go into the most annoying baby talk known to man. “Hey My Hansome Wittle Baby! Momma missed da’ baby! Let mama hold da’ baby!” I pick my Munchin up and cuddle and carress him making sure to rub his little head and under his chin, he thoroughly enjoys that. I kick off my heels, hang my purse and keys and immediately head to my bed room.

I feel Munchin getting antsy, so I put him down and immediately begin to disrobe and walk to the bathroom to start…on second thought I need a glass of wine first.

As I walk into the hallway I see Munchin at the front door looking through the glass, I imagine he sees some little creature he’d love to play with outside and slowly torture…cats. I smile as I continue to the kitchen.

I open the fridge and pull out my half full bottle of Riesling, grab a wine glass from the cabinet and tiptoe back to my room. Oh this is going to be so delicious. I begin to run the water, and as I wait for my moment of ecstasy I decide to pour my glass of wine now, why wait?

As I pour, I anticipate the stress leaving my body instantaneously, I have a very low tolerance for alcohol and all it takes is a few sips before I’m on cloud nine. Tonight, I’ll have two glasses I want to be completely inebriated. I take a sip and close my eyes as the sensation runs throughout my body. I’m so on edge, so sexually frustrated, I think my body will explode when I finally do get some dick…sigh.

bath_wine_candlesFinally my bath is ready. Bath salts…check…bath balm…check…candles…check…wine…double check. I giggle as I submerge myself into the waters.


I sip more wine, lie back and open my legs. I moan as the water tickles me and immediately drift off into nothingness.


I’m startled by the ringing of my phone. Oh lord, I left it in my purse. smh. Now do I really feel like answering it…nope…and I won’t. I settle back down in the tub. I begin to drift, and the ringing stops.


New text messages are coming in quit steadily. “How odd ?” I realize that a ringtone isn’t registering so it has to be a new client call.

And just when I thought my day was over….

I bathe quickly, hop out of the tub and pull the drain. Dang! I forgot my towel. I grab my robe and head toward the hall, dripping wet, thank goodness for tile. I dash toward the front door.

Oh shit!

I slide across the tile and connect with the wall.


“Ouch!” I giggle as I head slowly, tiptoeing this time, toward my purse. I notice Munchin still looking out the side glass by the door.

What in the world is he looking at, I get to the door and bend down to ask, “Munchin whatchalookinat baby?”

I unlock and open the door to let Munchin out and the moment I do, I can not help the scream that comes next.


I shouldn’t be surprised he’s here but I am. For months I’ve imagined him showing up at my door and giving me that look he’s giving me now. How in the world does he even know where I live? Mama?! My brother?! Ugh, my folks can’t hold water.

I stare at him.

I want to tell him to go to hell, and shut the door but I already know I couldn’t say it to his face. I feel myself, instead, backing away from the door. He enters, not speaking a word, closes the door behind him…and locks it.

No he did not just shut my damn door and lock it. Oh lord, I’m in trouble. I’m weak. Am I about to faint? I can barely see as he rushes toward me. Am I? Is this what it feels like to…

I awake in my bedroom and he’s sitting by my side looking directly into my eyes. I guess I did faint. Wow that’s a first. I sit up slowly and whisper, “Thank you.” He reaches up and places his hand on the side of my face and smiles that smile of his. “You’re welcome baby.”

I shake.

“Why are you here?” I demand weakly.

“I’m ready to be the man I need to be. I’m ready to share that part of me with you. If you’ll take me back.”

I stare at him and I’m still shaking. He does not break his gaze into me. God I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to think. I hold my head down and now my shaking is uncontrollable. How could I ever put any part of my life into this mans hands again?

the_kissI feel the bed shift as he moves towards me. Gently he lifts my head with his finger…”Listen.” He whispers as he leans in closer. And closer…I hear his breathing quicken and then we kiss.

And suddenly nothing matters anymore, all the drama and heartache I allowed myself to endure vanished. It’s as if with every touch he is erasing all the hurt and pain away. I feel myself wanting to break out of this daze but as I do he pulls the tie from around my waist and my robe opens and I completely let go. I’m shaking so bad and he whispers again “Listen.”

He pulls away for a moment and takes his hand and places it on my cheek.

I melt, and as I do he gazes at me, admiring my new body with approval, asking, seeking the ok from me and I do not object. He slowly uses his finger, to trace a path from my cheek to my neck…my breast…circling my nipple as it hardens beneath my skin…opening my robe completely with his other hand while continuing to move his finger down my stomach and down…down to my clit. He squeezes gently and I damn near pass out…again. I arch my back and fall back to the bed.

I have no thoughts. I have no idea what’s happening.

He stands and begins to take off his clothes. I raise to help him and he simply holds up a finger and I immediately relax back, squirming, longing, aching for him to fuck me.

shoulders_black_manIt takes him all but 10 seconds to remove his clothes but it felt like forever. And finally he stands before me completely naked, dick hard as a rock and he just looks at me as I squirm and convulse. My body is going bizerk and I can feel the wetness between my legs starting to seep. He just looks at me, every inch of me.


And as if given a command he climbs onto the bed and pulls my legs down and apart. He leans down in between my legs and begins kissing and sucking on my thighs as if he’s ravenous and I can barely stand it. He nibbles and gently bites my thigh and looks at me. I feel myself about to cum and I think he does to. He traces kisses from my thighs to my clit and suddenly begins to suck.

Oh God.


The feeling is exquisite. I tingle all over as energy flows throughout every single inch of my body. He continues to suck my clit. Stopping to lick my pussy juices, circle them around my clit and suck again. This has to be a record for me because I’m about to cum and I call out his name, pushing at his head but he continues to suck and grunt and slurp and twist his tongue around my clit and it’s over I cum and he feels it and begins to blow on my clit and suck on my pussy’s lips. As I’m cumming, he takes his finger, no two fingers and inserts them inside me and fingers my G-Spot.

God it feels so good and in this moment I forget my name as fresh orgasms rock my body. I grind into his fingers and he looks at me as if he’s never seen a woman orgasming. He’s studying me.

As he pulls his fingers out of me, I can see they are covered with my white cum and there is so much that it’s running all the way down his palm.

He sits up to his knees and takes my cum and rubs it on his dick.

I’m about to pass out.

He pulls my hips toward him and continues to rub my cum over him. He still has that look in his eyes, ravenous, salacious, dangerous, all man.

I pull my legs back and as I do he enters me slowly…

I die.

I imagine I am tight, it’s been almost a year since we’ve made Love and nothing’s been exploring me down there except my own fingers. My thoughts are interrupted, he goes deeper, I hear him groan.

Lord this man knows what sounds do to me.

He moves to be fully on top of me and I feel and hear his breath in my ear. He moves his lips to my ear and whispers “Listen” and I cum again. I hear him smile and then he begins to make love to me or fuck me, whatever you want to call it, he’s doing me from the inside out and it’s never been like this before.

I am so wet all I can hear right now is the sound of his dick slipping in and out of me and my cum. God his dick is the best it’s made for me. He fucks me well and I just keep cumming, over and over no breaks in between. I’m squirting all over the place convulsing, my body is possessed by his dick, completely out of control and I feel him pull out of me, collect himself, holding his dick and I turn around without saying a word. I throw the robe off of me. I must have it from behind.

He gets out of bed and once again as if I’m a rag doll takes my body and pivots it around to his dick. Spreads my ass and wham! To work he goes, my pussy is so wet before he gets in four strokes I’m cumming again.

He’s going to kill me.

My legs are so weak and he begins to increase his thrusting, and I know he’s about to cum. I turn around so quickly that I don’t think he even knows what’s happening. And I suck his dick, ferociously, tasting both myself and him at the same time. God I missed having him in my mouth. I deep throat him, just the way he likes and he’s lost it and once again I feel myself about to cum.

“Fuuuuck” he moans.

I continue sucking as he cums inside my mouth and I swallow every drop not missing a beat. I have him so far down my throat I can’t taste a thing and I continue to suck until he gets soft inside my mouth.

I give one final suck and he pops out of my mouth. I raise and stand to my knees.


embrace_couple“Welcome home baby.” I smile and he takes me into his arms and holds me tight against him.

“I’m sorry for what I put you through but I’m home now.” he reassures, “I promise. I Love you.”

He kisses my forehead and I feel him getting harder and I know it’s going to be a long night…and morning and I’ll be sleeping like a baby this weekend. Finally my man’s back home.

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