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Erotica: Sex Toy

sex-slaveNever would of thought that hiding from my husband would be apart of my routine, but here I am.

The moment the car pulled up into the driveway, it was time to play the “exhausted” role. Work would have to wait! 3 minutes. Thats how long it takes before he gets to the bedroom.




I immediately lock my Mac, put it to sleep, push my chair back up to the desk, secure my coffee cup and sprint up stairs, two at a time.

2 minutes…

The moment I get to the bedroom I rip off all my clothes except for my T-Shirt, put them and my coffee under the bed, jump under the covers and try to steady my heart beat.

I hear the door open and the security alarm beeps “Back door…open”.

I close my eyes.

Now he’s seeing that his wife isn’t in the office…

1 minute…

I close my eyes tighter…steadying my heart beat.

He approaches the bedroom door…


Now, he’s standing over me. I’m weak.

Steady girl…steady.

He moves the covers back from over my head and whispers into my ear, with his deep baritone voice…“Hey Sweetie.”


He leans in even closer and says, “The laptop’s still warm.”

My legs begin to shake.

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