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Erotica: Home From Shopping (A Dream)

Erotica: Home From ShoppingI drive into our garage in a white Sequoia. I open the door and get out. I am a petite lady, neat & fit. I am wearing a long black skirt and a white linen top. I open the back door and unbuckle my two children. The ages are unknown but I pick the smallest one up and the other one opens the door, hops down and we enter our home…together.

I say “Daddy we’re home”. The baby runs to greet him. My husband looks at me with love in his eyes. I look at him with a playful smile. He sees me holding his child and feels a rush of love come over his body for me and our children. He stands from sitting on the couch, walks slowly to me and then wraps his arm around my waist, pulls me gently toward him and gives me the sweetest kiss ever. I flush with heat.

I put the baby to bed and my oldest falls asleep on the couch. He looks at me and I know he wants me. I want him. He and I both walk up stairs. He picks me up at the landing and walks into our bedroom. He sits me on our bed and stands…looking into my eyes. Every part of me is aching for this man. He kisses me on the lips ever so slightly and kisses my neck so passionately I could faint. He lifts my skirt while moaning deeply in my ear. He pulls down my black lace panties and I pull down his sweats. I reach for his manhood but he pushes my hand to the side. “Baby if you touch me I’ll explode.” I smile as he lifts my legs up toward my chest. He doesn’t want this moment to end and neither do I. He enters me just a bit as we kiss and embrace. I sigh and arch my back as he enters into…half-way, then all the way inside me. I take his shirt off and start to run my hands over his back. I move my hand to his chest. I feel his heart beat and pleasure rushes all over my body. He’s moaning in my ear. I start to climax. My whole body starts to shake and he climaxes as well. We look into each others eyes and he places both hands on the side of my face and says “I adore you.” He kisses me on the forehead then holds me tight.

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