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Epiphany – Stormy Lessons

While driving in my car to work I just realized I don’t put myself first. I know I’ve said it before but now its clicked. Listen up.

I was driving in my car, stressed out by Storm once again wondering how can I make it right…how can I appease her. She doesn’t like me not answering my phone and responding to her ASAP. Then I’m like why does she act that way, I’ve done so much for her, took off work, put my business to the side all for her. Why does she not recognize my sacrifices? The answer, she puts herself first! She doesn’t care that you need time alone. She only cares about what she wants. And I’m like shoot, I don’t put myself first thats why I always cater to her. Storm is cool and all but I need a friend that when I say I need a minute or don’t call right away will understand I’m busy and wait…not blow up. As Moor has tried to teach me time and time again, let them dictate to you how they want to be treated. Wow, from now on I will recognize true friends and not give so much of myself to others or else there is nothing left for me. Storm may become a true friend but at this point she is not. I will handle all future issues with her and others accordingly. Thanks Storm Really!

One other thing…she kept offering the money to do the work I already told her I would do. I told her it was starting to insult me and she said that was ridiculous. Now mind you she can’t pay her mortgage, phone, electric, etc…only an insensitive jerk would take money from her. The fact that she thinks its ridiculous is an indicator of the type of person she is.

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