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Dream of MY King?!

Asked for a dream of my King to be and guess who I dreamed of? Damn Panic lol. He was all up in my dream front and center. It was really crazy. Things I do remember, me singing in the restroom of the JEH ladies restroom and I was changing clothes and he called my name and I came out and he was like I can hear you or something similar. Also, I remember sitting in a classroom with a bunch of girls, him being the only man, and girls were just coming up to him and drooling all over him and I was just watching him like a school girl grinning and smiling. At the end, I was among three women lying on a bed, he allowed each of us to kiss him on the lips. I was the last one he encountered. He came close and I kissed him twice on the lips and he said to me softly “Shut up”, smiled and walked away and I woke up

Its so funny…how hilarious dreams can be.

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