Do I really need to GET OUT?

I keep hearing Nesha mouth…”you don’t go no where”….”you just stay in the house”…”we need to go out to a lounge and meet new people”…”lets go out for drinks”…”you ain’t gotta say nuttin let me talk”

Ya’ll am I crazy for not wanting to date and meet new people? Simply put, I get hurt easily so I’m very cautious about who I let into my heart. So only the ones I let close to me, organically, have proven to be true friends. I just really feel that whoever is meant to come my way will, so there is no need for me to go out searching. But I also agree, I do not go out much and when I do go out its just to be with my friends or to be alone.

I do not have the friendliest face AT ALL so people normally don’t approach me…which I like….lol. Only when people get close to me will they see my true nature…I’m sorry thats just how I was born. It’ll be hard for me to walk around with a smile on my face and all chipper-like. Some folks, who really don’t know me, call me mean, but its really a defense mechanism to protect myself. If you’ve seen the “mean” side of me, in all honesty, you deserved it. I’ll take BS to my detriment before I tell someone a peace of my mind for fear of hurting THEIR feelings. But I am getting better and if you acting crazy you might get told off ASAP now…lol.

So tell me, do I really need to get out? (Ya’ll please say No…lol)

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